Three Years

According to the engraving on my ring, I've been married three years today. Sten I usually celebrate Labor Day as our anniversary (we got together on Labor Day and our wedding was on Labor Day - different dates, same holiday) but today is three years on the calendar. We have one of those vintage 2008 California marriages (before Prop 8 passed), which is recognized in CA and MA, NY, CT, IA, VT, MD, NH and DC.
We got married on horseback and rode up the podium to the theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. It was awesome. Sten's pretty awesome too. She built this website, and she shot a lot of the videos on here (and no, she doesn't get I said, she's pretty awesome). People often ask me what she looks like, so here's a picture.

Ok, back to being your favorite down and dirty lesbian slut and not writing blog posts about how my wedding was awesome. Actually I am going to go make her breakfast in bed...

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