Lily Cade Update

Lily Cade as a Biker Babe leather jacketYou may have noticed my scaled-down social media presence. I've been overwhelmed a lot lately, with my life in all sorts of transitions. I am working on a lot of truly awesome projects, stuff I can't tell you about lest I lose steam in the telling, lest I create a deadline I cannot keep and push myself further from my goals.

I am by NO means retiring from porn, and in fact, very eager to shoot scenes for anyone who wants to work with me. I'm in fantastic shape and very at own with my body and myself in a way that makes me an excellent performer.

However, between porn and the creative projects I'm trying to get off the ground, it's so hard to keep up with running everything I do. I know I've lax about returning emails, maintaining my twitter presence, and telling my fans how much I honestly appreciate every single gift they've ever given me. When those packages come in, I smile. It feels gooLily Cade in a cute sundressd to know that someone cares enough about me to want to make my day brighter. I'm sorry, guys and gals. It's gonna be like this for a while, until I get some of this stuff going. Lily Cade is a one woman machine. If I had staff, things would be different.

What will not slow down is You will continue to get my one hardcore update each week with the same quality and uniqueness you're used to. I am shooting a movie for Filly and a movie for Severe within the next month. Everything is going good. I'm just too busy to handle my life. Thanks for bearing with me, thanks for being my fans, and thanks for sharing the love.


  1. Fucking amazing. You are probably the only actress that can make me squirt on my own! I love the exact moment that you make a girl cum on screen because All the other girl on girl movies I’ve seen are so fake. You are stunningly sexy and wicked in bed. I would become a porn actress just to get in bed with you. You are a fantasy that I relive every night before I pass out and every morning before my coffee. Thank you for that!

  2. cant wait to meet you exxxotica in new jersey my girl is bisexual and pierced as well and a red head to . see you soon lily

  3. From a heterosexual man who thinks that there is No greater turn on than watching 2 Real Lesbians have sex ,THANK YOU.

  4. I’ve only recently become a fan. I see how different your movies are and I wonder. Who do you make them for ? Do you make them for women and if men like them fine ? Or is it you just have a different voice ?

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