What’s New With Me

I'm waaaay behind on blogging again, but I promise I'll be better.

This week, I've got new photos and new videos. First up, I've put up the "Intimacy" series with Eden Foster.

Lily Cade and Eden Foster make out on a couch

We shot these a while ago, so you'll notice Eden has shorter hair. If you want to see current Eden, check out the videos section. Anyway, I love these dirty yet classy black and white photos.

Lily Cade and Eden Foster about to kiss

In the videos section, I've got Part 2 of the "Lust" series with Ruby Violence. This is actually the first time Ruby and I worked together, and probably our most intense porn. There are three parts, all featuring various kinds of kinky action. This one has strap-on, sensation play and rope bondage.

Lily Cade dominates Ruby Violence

Also new with me - two new movies in the can. "Strap it On" and "Eat My Ass" coming soon to a porno store near you. I'll be putting some stills from both soon.

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  1. Lily, your site is wonderful. I’ve been wishing for this kind of intelligent, real, immediate porn for… ever. Thank you for existing and for the work you’re doing. You’re lucky to be living that life.

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