What I did this weekend

I had an action packed weekend and I'm wiped out. When I'm feeling less so, I'll write more extensively on the subjects below. For now, here's a preview.

Friday: I Fucked Violet Monroe.

In a scene for Girlfriends Films "Girls in White" series, I got to work with my friend Violet for the second time. Wearing my pinstripe suit (the same one I wore to the AVNs) I played the gentleman to Violet's white prom dress clad femme. I opened the door for her, slipped off her shoes, and led her to my bed, where we proceeded to fuck the shit out of each other. It was a really good scene, intense and passionate, and I hope it looked as good as it felt.

Saturday - I Fucked Ruby Violence and then 11 Girls at a Party

Ruby and I shot some sneaker fetish porn for sneakerfiend.net. We shot at my place and the crew were super sweet. Ruby and I wore white sneakers - mine were Adidas, hers were Nikes - and got up to some hardcore strap on action on my bed. I'll be getting a couple of pics from the scene later, so I'll put those up here.

I took a nap, then headed out to Dr. Suzy's Eros Party, where I played Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. It was a fitting character, as I spent the night on the prowl. I fucked 11 girls, some porn stars (including amazing ladies Sinn Sage and Rubbernecro), some civilians. I can't remember whether 12 in a day is my new record, or whether that was already my record. I am completely covered in bruises from this party - my tits, my arm, my leg, etc - and I only know how I got some of them. Hopefully I will heal in time for my shoots next week!

Sunday - I Took Stills and Didn't Fuck Anybody (Yet)

I dragged my hungover ass to the valley and shot some kickass stills for Adult Trading Card Company. They are going to be making me a part of their Trading Cards (soon available at sex stores near you). I did three sets - one in my red jeans, red tiger striped bra and red leather jacket, one nude/implied nude on a bed with a sheet to cover my naughty bits (and bruises) and one in my silver and black bra and panty set and my PVC trench coat. One of the sets collapsed and fell on me, so I also got to add banged up head to my collection of injuries, but I got to see a lot of my of my friends and I'm excited about the photos.

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