Video Update: More with Siren Thorn

Today's video is another homemade sex scene with fetish babe Siren Thorn. I met Siren while I was in Canada and we really hit it off. In this video, we fuck with toys including a hitatchi magic wand and dildos.


One comment:

  1. Yeah, I know I’m a guy looking at a lesbian website. You see I have Hustler on my Direct TV service and I happened to be surfing with my remote and I came across one of your movies.

    I said to myself, damn, that red head is beautiful and very, very sexy. Ms. Cade you remind me of my first high school sweetheart. She also has fire red hair. We recently re-connected and spent hours on the phone talking about our lives since.

    So, I must be partial to women who have red hair, in my eyes it is so beautiful.

    I hope you continue to do well with your movies and your career.

    Best Wishes,

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