I'm in Toronto right now for the Feminist Porn Awards (which are Friday) and I'm travelling with the lovely Ela Darling.

Yesterday was a really long but fun day. I shot three scenes, one with Ela, one with Canadian model Amy Anderssen ( and one with both girls.

By the end of the day, I was completely exhausted (three scenes, two with strap-on, is a lot of work) but happy. Ela and I decided to go out and grab a drink, and ended up drinking beers with some old dudes from England who said they were a rugby club. We didn't tell them we were porn people (Ela went with model, I went with filmmaker...although I threw out that Backup Plan role under the heading of "I used to do some acting"). At one point one of the dudes told me I really reminded him of someone, and we totally thought he knew who I was, but he came up with Cynthia Nixon. Well, she is a lesbian.

Anyway, I'm enjoying myself and looking forward to the awards.


  1. Hilarious! I have friends in porn here in Toronto and this has happened quite a few times! Anyway if you ever find yourself here again drop me a line! I’ve considered shooting before, I’d love to with you.

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