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My newest movie from Filly Films is "The Muse". It was an ambitious project, a true feature with a story full of intrigue and romance. It was also one of the roughest shoots I've ever been on, featuring a 15 hour day, multiple last minute talent cancellations, broken equipment and an extra helping of drama...but the movie we produced is one I'm genuinely happy with.

The Muse Cover

My character in this movie is named Corey Reid, and I'm an asshole. I'm basically taking advantage of my younger girlfriend, Sarah (Chloe Lynn), bumming through life mooching off of people, and getting by on bad boy charm. Since I don't have money to pay my on again off again lover/dealer Amber Rayne what I owe her, I convince her to accept a threesome with me and Sarah instead.

"We've the got the blonde and the redhead, but a brunette's always a nice touch," I tell Amber, and we head to the bedroom for a high energy fuck session.

I worked with Amber Rayne in 2009, in a movie called Family Chronicles, and I've been wanting to work with her again since and just never gotten a chance to. We have great chemistry, and the whole ex-me-current dynamic definitely plays out here.

After the threesome, Sarah and I are watching entertainment news video and find out that a lesbian power couple, Producer Linda Mitchell (Missy Martinez) and her artist wife Sophia (Ela Darling) have broken up. I hatch a scheme to use Sarah to seduce Sophia and take her money.

Ela is definitely smitten with the lovely Sarah, but takes it slow because she thinks that the pretty blonde model is straight. Meanwhile, her ex Linda is super jealous of Sophia's apparent early rebound. She decides to show up to Sophia's art show with a look-a-like in tow.

Aaliyah plays the ditzy celebrity gossip fiend to perfection here, and convinces Linda that since everyone thinks they're fucking anyway, she might as well "do the crime" she's already "doing the time" for.

These two keep up the banter and I loved this scene - passionate and friendly with a side dose of humor. Missy was a last minute replacement, but I could not have been happier with her as both an actress and a performer. She's hot, a dream to have on set, and really good at what she does. Aaliyah, of course, is one of my favorite girls and she doesn't disappoint here!

As the gallery opening winds down, Sophia and Sarah finally get some alone time. Sarah confesses that she's scared (since she's pretending to be a first timer) but really likes Sophia. Sophia agrees, and promises not to hurt her.

This is the softest scene in the movie, as befitting the theme, but it's a scene with a lot of sensual passion. The idea for this scene is what I built this script around - I'm not a big fan of "it's my first time" scenes, and I wanted to play around with the meta implications of them. With the standard first time scene, you have a porn actress, whose first time it isn't, claiming to have never been with a woman. Here I made the lie textual - the character Sarah is gay, but pretending not to be as part of a long con.

Ela was also a last minute replacement, but once again I was super, super happy to have her in the film. Her acting is on point, and she carries the character through the sex scenes perfectly. She's one of my favorites for a reason.

In the morning, Sarah realizes that what she's doing is wrong. She genuinely likes Sophia and doesn't want to scam her, so she runs away. Unable to reach her, a distraught Sophia takes her ex-wife's call...and they hook up for a round of post-break-up fucking.

These two have fantastic chemistry, and the scene that follows is a really hot one! Ela's much more aggressive here than in her scene with Chloe. This isn't soft first time sex, it's an intense fuck between women who know each other's bodies.

The movie doesn't end there, but I'm not going to tell you the ending. I will tell you that shooting the ending required one of my camera people to get in a pool buck naked to get the right shot.

You can watch The Muse trailer here.

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  1. Description: Ela Darling and Missy Martinez reunite for a romp with the ex, in this 38 minute lesbian scene from The Muse. They might be over, but as you’ll see, there’s still plenty of affection there. When exes put aside their differences, the only thing that’s left is that sexual skill they’ve built up during the course of the relationship – meaning, Ela and Missy know exactly how to get each other jumping and squealing, right off the bat!

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