Member Update

Hey all - Sten here.

We experienced a major server problem and essentially the whole site got deleted. Lucky for you, I had just backed up most of it! The key word there is most... you'll still see some problems as we sort everything out and dig up as many backups and originals as we can find to patch the holes, but I stayed up late tonight working on this to at least get the video streaming was working again. And it is! All the streaming videos are hosted elsewhere and are completely safe. Lily is already passed out (she is the early-to-bed, early-to-rise type, believe it or not), but she'll be up bright and early to re-encode and re-upload the downloadable movie files.

Hopefully we'll have this all sorted out soon. Thanks for your patience!

On that note, let this serve as a public service announcement: back your shit up! I highly recommend BackBlaze: it's the best for the money and you don't have to think about it.


  1. Hey, Sten.
    Sorry to hear about your server problems, but glad you could keep things up and running.
    One possible consequence of the problems, though: I am unable to see or access any of the photos on your Photos pages. The individual shoot pages come up easily enough, but the thumbnails are just blank white frames on my screen, and clicking on their links doesn’t do anything. Could this be a lingering aftereffect of the server issues?
    If you’re already aware of this and working on it, great. If not, just wanted to let you know, and say thanks for all your (and Lily’s. natch) work on the site!

    — Scotty

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