My latest movie for Filly Films is called "SugarMamas" and it's shot, edited, and coming soon to a porn store near you. I'm thrilled with how this one came out: all the scenes are hot and it really holds together as a film from start to finish. I put some of my favorite girls in this movie, and got to do my own scenes with women I've been wanting to work with for a long time.

The plot here revolves around Anne Lacey (Daisy Layne), her daughter Gabby (Pepper Kester), her kept boi Sam (myself) and her poker-playing friends Reese (Sovereign Syre), Allie (Aaliyah Love) and Susan (Cherie DeVille). Things heat up when Anne bets Sam against Reese's pot...and loses.

Lily Cade kisses Sovereign Syre in this scene from SugarMamas from Filly Films

Reese isn't so into the suit and tie, and asks Sam to dress up more feminine. Sam says she'll wear anything Reese buys for her.

Soveriegn Syre kisses Lily Cade

I had an absolutely amazing time shooting this scene. Sovereign was right there with me every minute of the scene. I love working with women who can match my energy, and Sovereign totally did that. The scene has a strong mutual intensity as these characters - the poker shark and the hustler - figure each other out.

Lily Cade and Sovereign Syre

Meanwhile, Cherie DeVille invites Aaliyah over for a poker lesson that turns into a confession of attraction that Aaliyah is all too happy to oblige.

Cherie DeVille and Aaliyah Love

These ladies really, really like each other and it shows. The scene starts off playful with a lot of flirting and kissing, but takes a more intense turn as the girls heat up.

Cherie DeVille licks Aaliyah Love

The best moment of this scene is when Aaliyah is fucking Cherie and Cherie is just loving it. Aaliyah starts spanking Cherie, and Cherie absolutely loses control in the hottest way possible: biting the blanket, slapping the bed and screaming - but the whole scene is hot and these two look fantastic together.

Cherie DeVille rides Aaliyah Love

Next up, Pepper Kester "learns her price" as she must choose between being kicked out of college and becoming Dean Michelle Lay's plaything.

Michelle Lay inspects Pepper Kester

Michelle calls the shots here, but Pepper is one of my favorites for a reason, and she definitely holds her own. Michelle is a sensual top - more about admiring and taking her time with Pepper's beautiful body than she is about overpowering or dominating her.

Michelle Lay and Pepper Kester

At the end of the scene, Pepper agrees to come back for another appointment. You know, so Michelle can keep track of that academic probation she's putting Pepper on.

Pepper Kester licks Michelle Lay

Finally, I offer to find Daisy a replacement for myself, since she has lost my services. I bring her newbie Jodi Taylor, dressed in a copy of my own pinstripe suit.

Daisy Layne with her boitoys, Lily Cade and Jodi Taylor

In my opinion, this is the best scene in this movie. It's probably the best threesome I've ever shot (and I've shot a bunch). Jodi Taylor thoroughly impressed me. This girl is a natural - eager, genuinely sexual, and able to take everything that me and Daisy dished out (which included being upended and fucked in the ass).

Daisy Layne, Jodi Taylor and Lily Cade

This scene is strong from start to finish, as Daisy and I show "New Sam" how to be Daisy's perfect toy. I was excited to finally work with Daisy as a performer - I've shot her as a director and I've worked with her on softcore projects, but this was my first time fucking her - and she's fantastic.

Lily Cade in the middle with Jodi Taylor and Daisy Layne

This movie rocks. It looks great (thanks to my wife Sten and Eric Swiss for camera work), the girls threw themselves into these roles and it shows in the acting, and it is fucking hot.


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