Slutwalk LA

June 5th was LA's Slutwalk, which my wife and I went to with a bunch of our friends. Slutwalk started because a Toronto cop decided to announce that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." Rape doesn't happen because men just can't resist women's sexy outfits, and Slutwalk aims to point out that sexual assault is not the victim's fault. Read more about it here.

Sten and I were probably the nakedest people there. I wore a bra and panty set, and she wore jeans and tape over her nipples.

I don't like being outside in the sun, but I thought this was a worthwhile cause and I wanted to support it. We had fun too, and we even ended up on the news. Days later, I had people telling me they had seen me on CBS. Fortunately, my mother wasn't one of those people ("Yes, mom, my sign does say I'm a whore. I swear I mean that as a metaphor...")

Top photo credit Krista Kennell/Sipa Press, bottom photo credit Erin Mayumi


  1. sluts walking, how shameful. you should NOT be proud to be a slut. stop doing porn, go to school, get your shit together. maybe get married to a good man, and STOP being a lesbian. it’s abhorrent immoral behaviour which you partake in to be rebellious, NOBODY is REALLY a lesbian, just mentally confused or perverted. so STOP IT. You and YOU ALONE can make a difference, lead the way for other lost lesbians. Wake up Lilly.

  2. Shaking my head at this “Dan” fellow.

    But moving on!
    It’s awesome you two went out and supported this cause, and of course managed to look incredibly hot whilst doing it.
    I know far FAR too many people who have been raped or molested. It certainly never is the victim’s fault.

  3. Sten’s quote rocks. I have photographed a few women in hand painted shirts, halter tops and bikini tops with the same wording.

    Lily, you keep being Lily.

    xoxo Ben

    P.S. I arrived here courtesy of Sandra.

  4. David, this sounds much more like it has to do with the inuiscritees of the less experienced sexual partner rather than the one with the history of promiscuity. It isn’t up to ME to change my life or sexuality to make men feel comfortable or to make them respect me as I am (and all people are) fundamentally worthy of love and respect.It makes me uncomfortable that you think a woman’s worth and desirability in sexual relationships stems from her sexual past and under what circumstances she wants to fuck you (so what if that girl wanted to sleep with you after greasy fish and chips?) rather than who she is as a person. My sexuality and my sexual experiences are not the sum of who I am as a person, and are certainly not cause for men to disrespect me or get annoyed with [me] more easily .Quality partners have respect for your past decisions — even sexual ones. I would much rather share my sexuality with someone who is in touch with their own and has had multiple sexual partners then with someone who is at a stage in their journey where sexual expression is still uncomfortable for them (not that those feelings are invalid, just that I wouldn’t want to deal with them at this juncture in my life).It’s unfortunate that you lose respect for promiscuous women. Some of the smartest, most articulate, intelligent, fun, amazing, compassionate, and understanding women in my life fall under the socially constructed definition of promiscuous (how many partners must one have to be promiscuous, anyways?) and are self-identified sluts. The owner of this blog is one of them.

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