Shooting for Crash Pad again

My newest scene for Crash Pad Series is out now. I had an awesome time shooting this scene, and I'm excited for my fans to check it out.


I met my scene partner, Amanda Whip, the day before the shoot and we hit it off right away. She's a "burlesque" performer, but her brand of burlesque is closer to on stage sex shows and she's the sort of small and flexible girl that I just love to throw around.


She's also a actual lesbian rather than a queer girl...and we clicked on the level, which I don't experience often. We talked about cats...and then we had really hot sex including fisting and standing strap-on positions and squirting.


As always, the Crash Pad crew is lots of fun to shoot with. This was a super fun scene with a cool girl, and you should go watch it!

One comment:

  1. Hey lily it’s me again u know am big fan of urs and u can make any girl scream with ur strong hands i don’t want u to do a boy girl scene u gotta be lesbian for life if u wanna fuck beauties if u become a bi there want be hot scenes ur lesbian feelings will vanish and it won’t make u dominant u so great being a lesbian and be that way love u so much lily

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