Shooting for Crash Pad Series

My shoot for Crash Pad Series is up now! Go check it out.

I was really excited to shoot for CPS, because I've been wanting to shoot for them since, well, forever. Pink and White was the first company I contacted when I wanted to start doing porn, and when I got into this business I thought that dyke/queer porn was what I would be doing. I tried setting up shoots a few times, but it never quite worked out, and I developed my career in LA.

So, when Kathryn Dupri asked me to shoot a scene with her for Crash Pad series, I was thrilled but also a little bit nervous (and this girl does not get nervous before scenes). I've changed a lot since I got into porn in 2008. I'm not an amateur dyke anymore. I'm a professional, and I'm good, and I wanted to turn in something out of the ordinary.

So Kathryn and I talked about it in the car on the way to the shoot. She's mostly a top, but she likes to be mindfucked. I like bottoms who return my energy. Kathryn loves to be able to touch other people, and I decided to not let her touch me until she had earned it. We have good chemistry (you can watch our first encounter on this site) and the structure of this scene really drew that out and made it more intense. We fucked for over an hour - with hands, my strap-on, and a variety of toys.

I thought it was a very successful scene, and it was a great day on set too - Shine Louise Houston and the other people that work for the site made me feel welcome and were fantastic to work for. (Also, I got to talk about cameras a lot, which is always fun). I think I looked pretty damn good too - but you can be the judge of that. Go check out my page on


  1. First off, it is not lesbian porn. Just bucaese a female has sex with another female means she is a lesbian. You have a boyfriend and have a child with him. Are you romantically and sexually attracted to him or any man? That would give you some indication if you are really a lesbian. If you are attracted to males and females then you could be bisexual. Women are everywhere. If you are into males did you have to talk, flirt and hang out with one to know that? Perhaps you should settle things with your boyfriend before trying to get involved with someone else. Or do you intend to stay with him and maybe have a woman on the side? Or do you just want the experience of talking, flirting, hanging out with a woman? Those questions are not for you to answer publicly but to give you something to think about before you meet a woman.

    1. Hi Josiane,

      I’ve been married to a woman since 2008, and I don’t have any kids. I identify as a lesbian, I’ve never dated or fucked men, and I have both romantic and sexual relationships with women. I’m not sure who or what you’re talking about.

      I get the critique that girl/girl porn isn’t exactly “lesbian”. There are, in fact, almost no lesbians in “lesbian porn”…but lesbian can be a descriptor of sex as well as an identity. We might say that two women had “lesbian sex” even if they weren’t actually lesbians. A lot of the scenarios in girl/girl porn also posit that the characters are lesbians even if the actresses are not. So, it’s a bit complicated.

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