Sex is for Grown-ups

Lily Cade doing grown up things like showing you her ass and drinking whiskeyPeople talk to me online every day. Some of these interactions are great, but some of them are exceedingly annoying. I get asked for my number by random people on twitter, or asked to email nude photos, or otherwise treated in a way that makes it abundantly clear that the person interacting with me is clueless about how to go about speaking to a porn star, a woman, or probably anyone.

Sex is for grown-ups. We call this the adult industry, because our product is intended for adults. You'll get a lot more out of your interactions with the people who make porn if you treat us like adults...and if you act like an adult yourself. No, I'm not going to give you my number (before you ask something of me, ask yourself why I would do it...if the best you can come up with is "because I want you to" it's probably not going to happen). I'm not going to give you special individual attention for free. Buy something from me. Join this website. Buy a signed DVD. Say something interesting to me on twitter.

The same goes for getting laid in real life. I have game for days. I can go into a straight bar, a house party, an awards show, basically anything, and come home with a sexual experience or two to add to my file. I don't do this with "ah yeah baby nice titties I want to suck them!!1!" I do this by engaging with women, even briefly, as the adults we both are. I'm direct, I'm confident, and I know how to read verbal and non verbal cues. Oh, and I honestly do not want to have sex with people who don't want to have sex with me.

Nobody wants to have high school sex once we're out of high school. If you want grown up sex, grow up and treat the people around you like grown-ups.


  1. I like reading what you write. Some nobody considers the porno actors more as object has their arrangement that as human beings. Regrettably, you will not arrive has to change them. You look like of you amuse in what you make and it is all what counts. (Saddened if it is not very clear, I do not speak English) .bye

  2. Thanks for posting this, Lily. We are all essentially human beings, no matter what we do or what we look like. I wish we could have COMPREHENSIVE sex education in schools and stop being so puritanical about sex so that we could have PRODUCTIVE and enlightening social policies and conversations about sex, gender, and sexuality. Just because you’re a female porn star takes it upon herself to OPENLY talk about sex in this repressed, fucked up culture doesn’t mean it’s open season for strangers to say whatever they want to you and send you nasty pictures. Ugh.

    Internet Weirdos: A woman is not a walking vagina that you have to talk to *just* to get sex. Try engaging with women like they’re fucking PEOPLE. Female porn stars are NOT walking sexual objects waiting around for strange men on the internet to sexually proposition them.

    1. I think we truly comprehensive sex education – not just “here are your parts and here’s how not to get pregnant” but how to actually navigate this thing that is a big part of adult relationships.

      1. Oh I completely agree. That’s why I think that gender and sexuality SHOULD be germane to comprehensive sex education. We need to be able to talk about different gender identities, sexual orientations, and sexual acts without being squeamish so that people are informed enough to make intelligent social policies and personal decisions about sex. Most of all, we need to have less ignorant humans walking around trying to police and control everyone because they feel threatened by people who aren’t exactly like them. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen in THIS lifetime though, lol. Especially in the U.S. But I guess I can hope.
        :- /

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    1. Jealousy is silly, sweetcheeks, and illiterate ranting is sillier. It’s “ho”, to start with. A hoe is a garden tool.

      Oswald above is yet another example of someone who wanted a lot of personalized attention from me but did not want to join my site or otherwise support my work. I think I made fun of him on twitter, as I am want to do, and then ignored him.

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        1. Supporting my work means paying for it. I have members from all over the world. We’re not friends, and we never will be, because I’m an awesome person and you’re a delusional idiot. #toobad #sosad

          Ave Maria has interesting things to say. All you have is misspelled anger. All your further comments will be blocked.

          1. I’m having a lot of trouble not jumping into this… I guess, let’s call it a “conversation”… XD Laaawd, these goats.

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