Sex in Uncomfortable Places

Yes, that's me. Watch me fuck Nikki Darling in the movie Lesbian Lock-Up from Filly Films I've occasionally had fans or reviewers complain that scenes in my movies are filmed in "uncomfortable places." It's true, I do love shooting scenes on kitchen counters and cars, dumpsters in alley ways, and other things that aren't beds. I'm making a movie where people fuck, not sleep. I like seedy things, like dumpster sex and public sex and sex that's dirty. I like sex in uncomfortable places because it says "I want you now, I want you here, and I don't care about anything else". I love urgency. I love being able to represent people really wanting to fuck each other, rather than just fucking each other (or whatever that thing is straight girls do when they shoot girl/girl porn...pantomiming fucking each other?)

I've done a lot of work with companies that make movies focused on really natural, friendly or romantic sex. I love these kinds of movies. I love being able to have casual, hot sex with my friends and lovers and show it the world, but I'm also a filmmaker. I don't always want to make a documentary.

I love feature porn because I love creating characters.  Sometimes those characters are people in love who have romantic sex in bed, but sometimes they are cheating lovers who have to sneak around, or dirty cops who fuck you right in the interrogation room.  I love representing the sort of sex people fantasize about, and exploring different meanings of sex on camera. I've lived a lot of those kinds of experiences - the dumpster sex or the sugar mama or the huge all girl orgy - so I know how to represent them in a way that may not be the kind of sex you have at home, but is hot and connected and real.

Porn stars are fucking professionals. We're sexual athletes. We are dirty movie stars who do our own stunts. When you see a handprint on our asses we didn't put it there with makeup. I don't need soft pillows. I do this for a living. I can represent that nasty fantasy of yours safely...I can fuck on a rented dumpster in a private location that looks like an alleyway, but isn't littered with used needles. I don't mind a little bit of "uncomfortable" to make that happen.

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