Regarding Trans Women

In light of the kerfuffle regarding my Feminist Porn Award nominations, I have been asked to make a statement clarifying my views about trans women.

I consider trans women to be women.

I understand that unfortunately trans people face marginalization on a daily basis.

I respect and am happy to share space with trans women.

I respect and use whichever pronouns anyone chooses for themselves.

I respect trans women using whatever words best describe themselves sexually – whether that's straight, lesbian, bisexual or something else.

I have shot trans women in sex scenes as a camera person, and am happy to do so. I am available for hire to shoot or edit most types of content, as long as everyone on set wants to be there.

I am inclusive of anyone for off-camera positions and non-sex roles. I am open to hiring a trans person to shoot, edit, or otherwise work for me. I have also shot trans women in non-sex roles in my movies.


I never suggested Chelsea Poe was a rapist. I think throwing rape accusations around is completely inappropriate. My only tweet regarding rape during the entire “twitter war” consisted of me telling the now defunct twitter account “Gender Identity Watch” that “nobody is raping anybody.”

While I recognize that trans porn is marketable, I am neither tapped into that market nor do I have the passion and dedication required to take on such a project. I am rather overworked as it is. I would rather leave the showcasing of authentic trans sexuality to those who do it best, while focusing my efforts on my own brand and my own stories.

With regards to my choice of scene partners – I am not personally interested in having sex with trans women and I reject the notion that saying so is abusive, victimizing or wrong. People's sexuality is their own, and having put mine on public display makes that no less true.


  1. Very well said. You make the type of porn that interests you. You choose which partners you want to work with. Last I checked everyone still had the freedom to choose who they are with. This brings to mind just cause you’re a lesbian doesn’t mean you want to fuck every woman you see.

  2. The only thing slightly confusing about your blog is that you say you do consider trans women to be women, but that you’re not interested in sex with them. As the above poster said, obviously just being a lesbian woman doesn’t mean you wish to have sex with every woman you encounter, but it does raise the question of what specifically turns you off about trans women, if it isn’t the opinion that they’re not women.

    I should clarify however that I don’t believe you’re obliged to explain this to anyone, least of all me, I’m merely trying to see where the hate from the trans community is coming from, and it could be that this lack of clarification may be the source. My own opinion on the matter is actually somewhat controversial (though I’m not afraid of expressing it) – I personally don’t see trans women as women, I see them as men with gender dysphoria. However strongly they may identify as women, they don’t really know what it’s like to grow up as a girl in a patriarchal society, they’ll never experience female puberty or menopause, they can’t conjure up the social experience of growing up (literally) female, or know what it’s like to bleed, etc. Of course they can approximate the physical shape of a woman through surgery and medication (which itself has limitations), and that is sufficient to help individuals adapt to their situation, so for that reason I support sex reassignment and HRT, but I don’t consider it to be some magical transformation whereby natural born males become females.

    I respect their desire to identify as women, and like you I will refer to them by whichever pronoun they choose because that’s the way they see themselves and I don’t wish to take that away from them, I sympathize with their struggle, and of course I have absolutely nothing against them, but I can’t pretend that psychologically I perceive them as women when I do not. That’s my two cents, anyway.

    1. I believe she’s said elsewhere that she just isn’t interested in having sex with people with penises. Which sounds reasonable enough to me. Is that ‘transphobic’? I don’t know, but none of us can really choose what we’re attracted to and who we want to have sex with. Judging from this post, she’s not actually prejudiced against trans people in any way, so I’d say the people getting offended need to go find a better target.

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