Red Hot Lesbians

My latest movie for Filly Films is "Red Hot Lesbians" and it's a redheads only sexfest. This is a less ambitious project that SugarMamas or Infidelity - more of a vignette release than a full on feature - but it does have an overall story and I assure you it's totally hot.

The film features one of my all time faves, Pepper Kester, as an aspiring erotica writer.

Pepper Kester in adorable glasses

Pepper's stories form erotic vignettes featuring an all redhead cast. First up, Marie McCray and I are celebrating our third anniversary. I give Marie a Calvin Klein purse (which, because I'm weird and obsessive about details I bought from and then returned to Macy's because I wanted the purse to look expensive but did not need to own an expensive purse). She has a much better present for me: the amazingly sexy Elle Alexandra.

Marie McCray, Lily Cade and Elle Alexandra in The Anniversary Gift

I think this scene is really visually striking, with three redheads in varying combinations of black and red lingerie and stockings. I had initially had a concept of having each of us in a different color, but I really like how this turned out.

Lily Cade and Elle Alexandra lick Marie McCray

Also, the sex was hot! If you know me, you know I love threesomes and group sex.

Lily Cade licks Elle Alexandra while Marie McCray kisses her

Pepper's next fantasy involves Ashley Graham. Poor Ashley has decorated her house and invited her friends for her birthday party...but no one shows up. So instead of sitting alone in her house, she hires herself a stripper, Scarlett Fay.

At first, Scarlett won't let Ashley touch as per strip club rules, but eventually she gives in the two get down to business.

As the sex winds down, Ashley realizes she has the date wrong...her birthday is tomorrow. Scarlett lets her know that she'd be happy to come back and entertain Ashley and her guests.

Scarlett Fay licks Ashley Graham

Last but not least, I'm back for another round, this time with Veronica Ricci. I'm Veronica's sister in law, staying with her and her husband while I look for a job. I catch her swimming nude and can't help but look (it was super cold when we shot this, but Veronica is game as fuck. I offered to move the shoot to the shower instead of the pool but she was down to freeze for art...don't worry, I warmed her up).

Lily Cade dries Veronica Ricci

I resist her advances, but not for long. When she tells me to shut up and fuck her I throw her down on the couch and have my way with her.

Lily Cade bites Veronica Ricci

I really liked Veronica - great attitude and energy and a bangin' body to boot.

Veronica Ricci fucks Lily Cade

As she finishes writing the last story, Pepper gets a phone call from Jodi Taylor. Jodi's a young literary agent, interested in representing Pepper...and Pepper has a serious crush on her. Pepper agrees to meet with Jodi to show her the stories she's been writing.

Jodi Taylor likes Pepper Kester

Jodi likes the stories...a lot...but she needs a few more to create a collection worthy of publishing. Pepper suggests a story about a writer and her agent, and Jodi is all to happy to help her "workshop" it.

Pepper Kester and Jodi Taylor

This is my favorite scene in the movie, and a fitting ending. I've been wanting to pair Pepper and Jodi since I worked with Jodi on SugarMamas and it turned out every bit as hot as I hoped it would.

Pepper Kester fucks Jodi Taylor

This is a fun little movie, especially if you like redheads (ok, if you don't like redheads you won't enjoy it, but then again I doubt you read my blog or watch my movies anyway if you're a gingerphobe). It features some solid pairing, and every shade of red from Scarlett's very dark auburn to Pepper's light red to Marie McCray's super bright do.



  1. I like this idea, definitely. On the subject of themed movies, I wonder if you’d ever do a fetish movie. I don’t mean full bondage necessarily, but rather different fetishes in every scene. You mentioned, in your write-up of Lesbian Fuck Club, that people had been wanting to see you glammed up. I was thinking that it would be hot if you did a scene in latex, especially a catsuit.

  2. Hi, Kudos on a superb video, truly worthy of the great Viv Thomas. Every scene was top-notch, but the one with Veronica Ricci was my favorite. I’ve been waiting for her to be paired with a true expert – and you delivered! Thank you! I really, really hope you get to work with her again in the future. Something more romantic, perhaps?

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