Please Vote No on Prop 60!

screenshotprop60We took down yesterday in protest with many other adult film websites and performers to warn the public about CA Ballot Measure Prop 60. If you didn't see the site on Oct 17, this is the note that was posted. is down for just one day, but if Proposition 60 passes in California on November 8th, this could become permanant. Prop 60 is an insidious ballot measure that claims to help performers, but in reality it puts our privacy, health, and safety in serious jeapordy, and it threatens to shut the adult industry out of California completely. We could be out of a job very soon.

Prop 60 claims to protect performers primarily by forcing every single one to use condoms, whether they want to or not, even married couples, even though there are already condom requirements on the books statewide, and even though there hasn't been a single on-set HIV transmission on the tested side of the industry in the last dozen years! Our current testing standards are rigorous and effective, and our industry has been working with Cal/OSHA over many years trying to develop health and safety rules that actually work and make sense for everyone. But one man with a bizarre vendetta thinks he knows better than all of us, so he wrote this measure himself and used millions of his organization's dollars — money that could have gone to prevention and treatment for populations that are actually at risk for HIV — to get this on the ballot and try to gain control over our entire industry.

Prop 60 also defines any performer selling their own work — whether through clip stores, webcamming, member sites like this one, or even making money through affiliate links — as a "producer" and then imposes onerous and even nonsensical licensing and medical requrements that most performer/producers like us simply can't afford. The law is so poorly written and is so ignorant as to how our industry actually works that it's not even clear exactly how we couldcomply with all these requirements even if we wanted to. But what's really scary is that Prop 60 requires Cal/OSHA to respond to any and all complaints of "violations" within a matter of days, or else ANYCalifornia citizen is allowed to sue us and personally receive 25% of any fines, plus legal expenses. Not only could we not afford to defend ourselves in Court, which we would have to do even if we did nothing wrong, but our legal names and addresses become a matter of Court record and thus available to the public, dangerously violating our privacy. None of us can risk producing content under those conditions, so we have no choice but to shut down production. Proposition 60 is unfair, it's idiotic, it's scary, and it's incredibly dangerous to our health and safety.

To find out more, visit, and please donate what you can to this fight. Talk to your friends who are registered to vote in California, and explain to them how dangerous this measure really is. And most important of all, if you are registered to vote in California, remember to either send in your vote-by-mail ballot ASAP or to get out there to your polling place on November 8th!

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