1. Hey Lily
    Just saw you last night while watching “Peep world”. I almost fell off the couch telling my girlfriend that I recognized a porn star. I have lived in LA ( south of south Pasadena) for 7 years and never see/recognize stars. I do not look at porn as often as most and had only seen pic/vids of you once or twice. It took some internet skills to find out who you were but you do have a memorable look. Any way too bad Peep slept at theaters. Was hoping you were going to speak but then the scene was over. Maybe we will run into you at Lucky Baldwins for a belgian beer, its the only time we ever make it to Pasadena! Anyway, “SAVE ME BARRY” (look it up its good stuff)

    1. Awesome. Interestingly enough, that scene from Peep World was actually shot in Pasadena (at the Vroman’s bookstore on Colorado).

      I do sometimes go to Lucky Baldwins, so do say hi if you see me there 🙂

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