Party Time

Last night I went with my friend Ruby Violence to a party for Adult Trading Card Company and Twisted Bliss Entertainment. J.P.(ATTC) and Eric (Twisted) are awesome people and the same crew I went to AVN with back in January. Ruby is on a series of trading cards, and I will be at some point. Both of us have also shot for Eric (and will be doing so more in the future).

Ruby and I got our photos snapped on the red carpet, and met up with a bunch of friends (and met a bunch of new girls...some of whom I'll be shooting content with in the future). I partied the way I usually party:

Lily Cade and Jeska Vardinski

Lily Cade and Yuki Mori

I even fucked Ruby on the dance floor, my hand up under her skirt while we pretending we were just grinding. No one took pictures of this (or, at least, no one texted those pictures to me). All in all, it was a fun night.

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