More PSK Fun

I love Karaoke. I actually got into it back when I lived in Kentucky and the only thing to do on Friday nights in the rural county we lived in was go to the converted barn that served as the local bar and attempt to sing country songs until the place closed at midnight. Those were some good times. So it's no surprise that you'll find me at PSK on many a Tuesday night.

Since I was bad on my birthday, I was on my best behavior last night. Not that I didn't make out with a chick or two or five.

I met up with Violet Monroe, Brandi Belle, and a bunch of other friends. We were squashed into a booth that was too small for all of us but it was okay because a lot of people I knew were there so I was able to sort of flit around and visit different tables.

Dale DaBone was hosting along with Nikki Hunter, and he decided to give our friend a little bit of a (hilarious) hard time. He announced that PSK had a special guest...Justin Bieber! She does kind of look like him. She's the one on the right.

Later "Justin" was given some free porn and a free shot of tequila, so I'll say it worked out okay for her.

I sang "Heartbreaker" and got into several awkward conversations with drunk dudes. Someone told me I was a tease, which I'm not at all (Sten says the translation in drunk dude is "you're hot but won't fuck me"). I didn't take off my clothes at all, which is kind of an accomplishment for me. You should all be proud.

Thanks to Fozzi for all the pictures!


  1. that ‘Justin’ kinda skinny and cute.. 🙂
    anyways, looking forward for more update on your blog..
    love how you put the words together.. 🙂

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