Lupercalia with Dr Suzy

On Saturday I went back to Dr. Suzy's  for "Lupercalia". Evidently before Valentine's Day was a holiday about love, it was a holiday about sacrificing goats and whipping chicks. No goats bit the dust, but there was plenty of whipping at the Speakeasy.

I really liked the outfit I wore there, but pretty much no one got to see it because Jamey Janes was sitting at the bar and took it off of me within about five minutes. We made out on our bar stools until Dr. Suzy called us over for the show. Jamey and I sat naked on the bed while she explained the tradition of Lupercalia. Suzy told us to hold some vulva shaped candles and sit still, but we were unable to contain ourselves.

Anyway, first we poured wax on each other. Then we fucked a whole bunch. Jamey was intense, almost too much for me. We were kind of fighting, but in a hot way.

Lucy Blaze and her man Chad Diamond were guests on the show, and Jamey and I called Lucy up to join was. She was scared, because we'd been so crazy up there, but I convinced her we'd play nice with her. I don't have any pictures, but Jamey worked her clit with the Hitachi magic wand while I worked her g-spot with my finger. When she came she squirted like crazy.
Lady Box Cutter, a fetish player who was also a guest on the show, came up next. She's a biting fetishist, so we bit her. I can be nice, but if you let me rough I'll be as rough as you let me be. Box Cutter was a heavy player, so Jamey and I left bite marks all over her body. Later I saw her get a heart scratched in to her flesh by Lord Artimus Foul (I remember thinking "hey, I'm Artemis" when his name was announced, but he spells it differently and he was cool, so I'm okay with it).

Around that time the show ended, and the crazy after party began. I wandered around naked, drinking. I hooked up with a friend of Dr. Suzy's and then Dr. Suzy herself.

I ended the evening talking to the aforementioned Artimus while watching some chick getting whipped. I was cold, so I crawled under the (thoroughly sexed on) covers of the big show bed. The next thing I knew, I was asleep. When I woke up in the morning I had a moment of panic because I couldn't get out without a key, but I quickly found someone to let me out.

I went down to my car where I found a note stuck to my windshield. The note read "Warning! No live cars in the distribution area." Well, at least I wasn't towed.


  1. Wow! Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself! A Hitachi and g-spot stimulation? No wonder she squirted. She must have damn near drowned you two 😛

    Glad you didn’t get towed ^_^

    1. Lucy is a crazy squirter. She also squirts in her first girl/girl scene, which was with me for my website…coming soon.

      She is also in the hospital right now with second degree burns because her car radiator blew up in her face. If you feel like helping her out, she’s accepting paypal donations at

      Actually…think I’m going to do a post on that right now

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