Live Nerd Girls

So I've been really busy this last couple of weeks with my latest movie, which right now we're calling Live Nerd Girls. I'm super excited about it. I'm putting nerdy porn girls together with geeky stories and so far the scenes have been super hot. We've shot three, and we've got one left.

First we've got Ela Darling and Annabelle Lee. Ela is a huge Harry Potter fan, while Annabelle is into cartoons and wants to be a voiceover artist.

Ela Darling and Annabelle Lee snuggle

In the scene, Ela plays a comic book artist (art courtesy of my wife Sten Cade) who has a big crush on writer Annabelle. When Annabelle discovers her secret, Ela is embarrassed, but Annabelle is flattered. You know what happens next.

Ela Darling rides Annabelle Lee

My roommate Laurel Norton is one of the biggest (and cutest) nerds I know, and she got to hook up with Xphile and gamer geek Sinn Sage.

These two meet at a convention, where Laurel is depressed because she's missed her panel. Sinn knows just how to cheer her up.

Last but definitely not least, we've got seen-every-episode-of-Star-Trek (except not all of the animated series) Kara Price and World of War Craft addict Sasha Sweet.

Video games are great, but hot lesbian sex wins out this time.

We should wrap this week and the movie will be released by Filly Films.


  1. So I decide to see what you are up to because the new Friendship is Magic episode just came out and you remind me a little bit of Rainbow Dash and I see you’ve been working on an amazing project. Hope this becomes a series.

  2. Personally (and I alawys find my opinion is the minority among fellow members of the vaginal variety), I like it. I think it is fun and was never meant to be taken seriously. It is a parody after all. It doesn’t matter where we (women) go, we are going to be checked out. And the same goes for men. There seems to be the double-standard that exists where it is okay to objectify men (Old Spice commercials anyone or have you gone to a “women’s night” at a strip joint compared to “men’s night”).I see this (Gamer Girls video) as no different than the obvious sexiness and sexual innuendo in both “The Guild” music videos: “Do You Want To Date My Avatar” and “Game On”.I do however, agree with the not liking the idea of people cashing in on geek/nerd culture. Even that is a little paradoxical for me, as it is nice that the larger world is accepting us but now it appears as if people are applying the labels “geek” and “nerd” to themselves just to be “cool”. If you are secure with your sex and sexuality, I see no issue with using it. After all, I thought the whole idea behind equality is that we get to choose what we do in life, how we choose to do and what happens to our own bodies. It now seems more women than men are telling other women what is and is not acceptable for them to want/do. I do have the same issues with Booth Babes. Well let me clarify, I have issues with Booth Babes who are not actually nerds/geeks and do not know the product.

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