Live Nerd Girls 2

Porn is kind of known for its long running series, but until just now I had never made a sequel to any of my films. Well, now I have. Live Nerd Girls was one of my favorite early projects, and a theme I've definitely been wanting to revisit.

As with the first LNG, Live Nerd Girls 2 features vignette stories about nerdy girls. It's not so much "stuff that appeals to nerds" as it is stories about characters who are themselves nerds or geeks. I brought together girls who consider themselves nerdy, and included interviews with each of them.

Missy Martinez was part of my original cast for the first Live Nerd Girls, but she got sick. Fortunately, this sequel gave me another chance to show off Missy's big boobs and gamer cred. In this scene, Pepper Kester confesses to Missy that she's never played a video game.


Missy can't let Pepper keep her "video game virginity" so they make a date. One thing leads to another, and Missy and Pepper put the games aside and play with each other instead.


These two look super cute together (in matching converse) and the sex is fun and playful with a lot of smiles (and a little bit of butt-fingering). I think both of these girls are awesome, and their match up proved to be a great one.


Thelma Sleaze and Annabelle Lee play chemists working in lab. Thelma has a crush on her boss, Annabelle, and keeps imagining her naked.


Annabelle notices Thelma's distraction, and makes her confess her crush. Thelma's shy, but Annabelle knows just what to do in this situation: a different sort of chemistry experiment.


Both Annabelle and Thelma are performers with a really passionate, connected style of fucking. I've worked with both of them for (and other places) - the are that sort of very genuine, in the moment, intense girls and they are both a lot of fun. Their lithe bodies look super hot together as they get sweaty and make each other come over and over again.


Amber Rayne and Jodi Taylor are cosplayers who get carried away while trying on their convention outfits and decide to do a different sort of play.


This scene is fantastic and these two dirty girls absolutely dug each other. Amber and Jodi spend most of the scene wrapped up together, grinding, 69-ing and otherwise not letting each other go.


These girls were not my original pairing for this scene (I went through several. The recent adult production moratorium and talent schedule conflicts caused me a lot of drama on this production) but after it was over I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of them first!


You may already know that I'm a big fan of both Star Trek and invented languages, so I decided that my scene in this film would be about hitting on a girl in Klingon. I lose a bet to my nerdy friends, and I'm forced to go up to Justine Joli and ask her out.


As luck would have it, she speaks Klingon too, and tells me to buy her a drink. As my friends look on, Justine and I decide to "blow this joint" and head back to my place so I can show her what I'm good at.


Justine is amazing, and this is one of the best scenes I've done all year. It was my first day back to shooting after the moratorium, and we fucked for almost an hour. Mostly, it's me getting her off over and over again, but I get mine too. I also ended up with a giant chin hickey from this scene, but it was totally worth it.


All in all, I was really happy with this movie. It took me forever to finish, but the finished product is awesome. The set-ups are fun, the scenes range from sweet and playful to super intense, and it's all very nice to look at. Don't miss this one, coming soon from Filly Films.


  1. I loved the first one, so I can’t wait to see this installment — particularly with Justine Joli involved!
    (PS: are there subtitles for those of us who don’t speak Klingon? I’m a Trek fan myself, yet somehow never learned!)

  2. I love your films Lily, but for gods sake why didn’t you strap one on and fuck Justine jolies brains out. You are great with a strap, it is my favorite thing in lesbian porn is to see really hot passionate strapon fucking. Please have more strapon fuckng in your future videos.

  3. You and Justine in the same scene? I think that surpasses the U.S. Government’s recommended safe levels for hot gingers in one scene.

    Well I loved the first Nerd Girls so much I am going to have to get this one too.

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