Let’s Do This Blog Thing

Hi Everyone,

I'm Lily Cade and this is my blog. Here you can find details about my crazy adventures, photos from my shoots, and whatever else I want to put up here.

Anyway, I'm a lesbian adult actress, emphasis on the lesbian. I love fucking girls, and I love doing it on camera. I'm a "Gold Star" lesbian - which means I've never been with a man, on camera or off. What you can expect to see on this site is more of what I'm good at - real, hot, lesbian sex.




  1. Hi lily
    I would recommend you to stay a lesbian and dont do girl boy scene you great lesbian asset to women i love the way you fuck a woman with ur fingers and with ur strapon it’s hot as hell can be damn it’s made me a good fucker now watchin u fuck women keep it up gorgeous love u so much for ur lesbian actions

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