Lesbian Lock-Up

My latest movie is coming soon from Filly Films. It's called Lesbian Lock-Up and I love it. If you like women-in-prison films, hot hard sex, or if "Orange is the New Black" has gotten you in the mood for some lesbian incarceration, you need to check this movie out.

The film opens with a fight in the prison yard, as Phoenix Askani and Nikki Darling squabble over a cigarette. I play the head guard here, and I drag Nikki away as Odile contains Phoenix.

Phoenix gets a cavity search, and plays the bratty bottom to perfection. Not content to sit there and take it, Phoenix eggs Odile on until the guard has to take the gloves off and show her who's the boss.

This is a really high energy scene, complete with handcuffs, lots of dirty talk, and a fun twist at the end. I met Phoenix because she was a part of my 100th scene (see it right here at LilyCade.com) and knew I just had to give her a part in one of my movies. Kink.com veteran Odile seemed like a perfect fit for the part of the sadistic guard, and she does not disappoint!

Next up, I let Nikki Darling in on a little secret. There's no way out of prison, but if she makes my life easier, I'll make her stay a little bit better. I'm not so easy to please, but Nikki is ready to show me what she's got...which happens to be a fantastic body.

What follows is a really hardcore strap-on scene against the dumpster, the wall and finally on the ground. Nikki takes it like a champ, and our chemistry is off the charts hot.

I brought Nikki in from San Francisco and had her stay at my house, where we ended up hooking up off camera (the day before the "Locked-Up" shoot...I got very little sleep but it was worth it) as well as shooting a video for MakeLoveNotPorn.tv. She's awesome.

Nikki Hearts is the newest inmate in "Lesbian Lock-Up" and she's not pleased that Natasha Starr has taken the top bunk in their shared cell. Nikki aims to make Natasha her prison bitch, and Natasha would like to see her try.

This prisoner-on-prisoner scene ends up being the most romantic in the movie, and it's also beautifully shot. Nikki and Natasha start off enemies, but the sex is too good for them to stay that way.

The blonde and brunette, both with just the right amount of edge, make a super hot couple. Natasha is a roommate Nikki can totally get used to having, and the two girls decide to share the top bunk.

I'm back in the final scene of the movie, which features Lotus Lain (another 100th scene veteran) as a new guard who has to prove to me and the prison's warden, the incomparable Nina Hartley, that she belongs in our little sisterhood.


Nina and I love getting our hands on fresh meat, and we don't go easy on our new recruit...but Lotus loves every minute of it.

I really wanted to do a strap-on DP in this movie, and Lotus was the perfect candidate. She has an awesome ass, which looks delectable as she rides us both.

Finally, Lotus shows me and Nina some love, and we conclude she's a perfect new addition to our team.

"Lesbian Lock-Up" is a super hot movie with a fun overarching story and four scenes of intense lesbian sex and authentic prison garb that will get any uniform fetish going. If you like my rougher stuff, you do not want to miss this flick.


  1. I viewed Lily’s Make Love Not Porn with Nikki Darling shot the day before the Lesbian Lockup shoot. That scene made me a fan of Lily and It belongs on this site.

    1. I’m so glad you liked the MLNP scene! Nikki is just awesome. You’ll be seeing more of her in my movies.

      My MLNP porn scenes are exclusive to that website, but hopefully I’ll get to shoot another scene with Nikki for LilyCade.com

  2. I am very dissapointed and excited at the same time. Your MLNP scene has to rank as one of the best strapon scenes ever. I wish I could find a way to make it apart of my collection. You and Nikki have great chemistry. I am looking forward to the release of Lesbian Lockup and you definitely need to do another scene with Nikki.

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