So last night I went on the radio with Kylie Ireland for her show Jerkbox on Sirius XM. The only radio show I'd been on before was Dr. Suzy's - this was a little bit different (ie it was not an orgy) but still fun. I got to chat with Kylie and guest phone answerer Debi Diamond as well as various radio callers. I was sort of lesbian ambassador, answering questions like: do lesbians like fisting and how can I get my girlfriend off. I also jumped on a trampoline topless and made fun of some of Kylie's uncool callers. Quote of the night, on whether being a woman means you like to listen to men jerk off: "Well, I've been seeing this girl. She likes it. She's a prostitute. She walks the streets."

I totally had fun. I love to talk so I like interviews and radio guest spots as long as I can be myself and be real.

In other news, Kylie and I might be shooting together if she starts updating her site again. So if that sounds hot to you, stay tuned.

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