Infidelity: A Love Story – picture edition

My open relationship themed feature Infidelity: A Love Story is shot, edited, and coming soon to a porno store near you. I've had this script kicking around for years, and I'm thrilled that I finally got to make the movie.

A recap (or go read the super long version here): Ela Darling and Daisy Layne are married lesbians with a bad case of LBD (lesbian bed death), Tilly McReese and I are their swingin' neighbors, Dani Daniels and Amber Rayne are Daisy's kinky office-mates and Pepper Kester is the hot young thing that Daisy has an affair with.

Scene 1 features me and brand new Tilly McReese (who was born in a small town in Ireland and totally has the accent) as Daisy and Ela's next door neighbors.

Lily Cade kisses Tilly McReese

Daisy and Ela hear us fucking, and yell at us to shut up. Ela, in particular, doesn't like the noise. I shut the window, and bitch about those "uptight old dykes" before Tilly and go back to doing what I do best.

Lily Cade licks Tilly McReese

This is a hot scene with a lot of raw passion - I pick Tilly up and make out with her while holding her in the air, finger fuck her ass, feed her strawberries and basically give her the ride of her life. She told me before the scene that she could only get off if she rubbed her own clit, but I'm good at what I do, and left her asking "what did you do to me?" as I brought her to orgasm after chest-blushing orgasm. I got mine too, bent over the sink as she licked me from behind and leaned against the kitchen counter as she rubbed my clit.

Lily Cade fucks Tilly McReese

As the strains of our still extant sex life die out, Daisy turns to Ela and asks "remember when we used to be like that?" Ela, dressed in the frumpiest sweater I could find, hits her in the arm and says, sardonically, "those were the days". Daisy's resolve is steeled. She interviews hot young Pepper Kester for "permanent employment" at her office.

Daisy Layne interviews Pepper Kester

Pepper wants the job, and she's willing to do "anything" to get it, so it's not too long before Daisy has her bent over the desk, and the filing cabinets, and the floor, and the chair, and all over the whole office.

Daisy Layne holds Pepper Kester

Funny story about this scene - we got kicked out of the office we were shooting in right before the sex scene, so we had to change a line of dialogue so that Daisy takes Pepper to Pepper's "new office". As such, the pictures are in a different location than the sex. Speaking of the sex, it's awesome. I took Daisy aside before the scene and explained how I wanted the sex to go. "Wreck her," I said. "Fuck her like you just got out of prison." From somewhere across the room, my wife piped up to correct me "that doesn't really work for lesbians". I rolled my eyes. "You know what I meant."

Indeed, she did. Daisy gave Pepper a serious fucking, at one point picking her up and going down on her in the air so that Pepper had no way to escape. By the end, both girls were drenched in sweat.

Daisy Layne and Pepper Kester

Daisy's officemates, Amber Rayne and Dani Daniels have a bet going. Amber bets Dani that Daisy is fucking Pepper, and she wins that bet, making Dani listen to the sounds of Pepper and Daisy's tryst. Poor Dani has to make Amber's coffee all week.

Dani Daniels makes Amber Rayne coffee

Amber comes by to gloat, and Dani offers her another bet: she bets that Daisy won't say anything if she and Amber engage is some totally-against-office-policy sex in the break room. Amber won't take that bet, but she will let Dani pick: "do you want me on the floor, or on the counter."

Dani Daniels fucks Amber Rayne

Dani picks counter, but they end up on the floor eventually. This is another hot, passionate scene. The girls move fast, licking and fucking and grinding on each others legs in a whole bunch of different positions.

Amber Rayne licks Dani Daniels

Finally, Ela confronts Daisy about the affair - but she doesn't want to break it off, and she doesn't want couple's counseling. She wants Daisy to call her pretty lover on the phone, and "I want to watch you fuck her, and then I want to join in".

Ela Darling watches Daisy Layne fuck Pepper Kester

Daisy knows a lucky break when she gets one, and Pepper's game, so Ela gets her wish.

Daisy chain with Ela Darling, Pepper Kester and Daisy Layne

This last scene is the softest scene in the movie - still hot, but less aggressive and more exploratory, in keeping with the idea that this is a new thing for Ela and Daisy. Ela starts off watching, and with Daisy's encouragement, Pepper introduces her to the world of threesomes. Towards the end, Pepper asks to watch while Daisy and Ela fuck, and the two married lesbians look deep into each other's eyes and tell each other that they love each other, and the three girls fall into bed, promising to do it again some time.

Ela Darling and Daisy Layne fuck Pepper Kester

This is probably my best movie, and I can't wait for it to come out. In the meantime, watch the credits for a sneak peek at the film.


  1. Hi Lily
    Tilly McReese ..Hummm ..very nice. I can see why you picked her. And I know that you put yourself 100% in every scene. I hope she was surprised by all that
    agressive evergy you have. Keep breaking in those Pretty Ponies and I’ll KEEP WATCHING. Best Wishes and Good Business.

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