A really wordy post about Infidelity: A Love Story

My latest movie is called Infidelity:  A Love Story and I think it's my best film to date. I (and everyone involved in this project) worked really hard on it, and I can't wait for people to see it. Of my films so far, this most clearly approaches my goal of creating adult films that function not just as adult entertainment, but as films. It's also a very personal project about a subject I feel strongly about.

Infidelity: A Love Story is basically about non-monogamy (During pre-production, I jokingly referred to it as "Monagamish: The Movie" in reference to Dan Savage) and how opening up a relationship can improve that relationship.  As you probably know, I'm married. You've seen Sten if you've watched either Art School Dykes or Live Nerd Girls. She plays the DM in the D&D scene with me and Lily LaBeau in Live Nerd Girls and a confused potential art buyer in Art School Dykes. Sten and I have an open relationship, and always have (I've actually never been monogamous with anyone). While I don't think monogamish is necessarily the right descriptor for us, since my non-Sten sex life includes tons of porn and a fair amount of off-camera outside sex and because we're super open about all of it, neither is polyamorous (because we don't favor multiple "loves" at all). I guess we're somewhere in-between: the term I prefer is definitely "open relationship". Regardless of what you want to call it though, I'm very pro sex with multiple partners. I love Dan Savage (who totally gets named dropped in the movie), I love Sex at Dawn, I love my wife and I love having sex with lots of other women.

Anyway, I've had a bit of a hard time trying to sum up this movie, but this idea - that open relationships can be healthy and good and hot - is what the movie is really about. Plot-wise, it centers around a lesbian couple, Annie and Gina Marks (played by Daisy Layne and Ela Darling) who have a nice life - cute house, good jobs, 2008 vintage CA marriage - except for the fact that they don't really fuck anymore. The neighbors sure do (me and Tilly McReese) as do Annie's officemates (Dani Daniels and Amber Rayne), but Annie and Gina have been making do with mutual reading in bed and chaste kissing. When hot young temp Pepper Kester flounces into Annie's office, she decides to take the plunge and start an affair with the beautiful redhead. Gina, a work-from-home writer, notices that something's off about Annie, and when she finds a red thong in Annie's clothes, she imagines what must be going on. She's intrigued, rather than upset, but conflicted by her own desires. She tries masturbating with the thong, but becomes disgusted with herself and throws it away. When she goes outside to smoke, she catches her neighbor (me) making out with someone who isn't my fiance, which prompts us to discuss open relationships (this is probably the funniest scene in the movie, and includes the line "not that there's anything wrong with a Labrador retriever"). Meanwhile, guilty about cheating, Annie calls off her affair with Pepper and rushes home to apologize to Gina. What she finds at the door is Gina, dressed in her wedding lingerie, ready not for a fight but for a threesome.

Alright, so that last "threesomes solve everything" bit may be a bit farfetched, a complicated relationship discussion reduced to the sexy aftermath, but all in all I think it's a story about something real. I get in some snark at the whole gay marriage debate too (Ela: Oh, your fiance? When's the date? Me: Ask John Roberts Ela: We got ours in 2008 when it was legal *holds out ring*). I'll have more to say on the subject later, but I think that one of the things that sets the story portion of my movies apart from some of the other girl/girl content that's out there is that I approach the characters in my narratives as real people rather than strictly as fantasy archetypes. I attempt to create characters that can be identified with, rather than solely consumed (also, I didn't make a movie called Live Nerd Girls because I'm not a huge nerd, so if you're not into this analysis stuff just look at the pretty pictures...or better yet join the site and watch my awesome porno).

I'm also really happy with the sex scenes in this movie. Up my own ass artist or not, I know that my movies must be hot above all else. I want story that serves to gives context to the sex scenes, not story that just exists for the sake of having ten minutes of something before people fuck (I can name a lot of movies like this, but I'll be nice and not do it). At the same time, especially in a movie like this, I want the sex scenes to serve the story. The roles assigned in the dialogue should carry through the sex, and the energy of the sex should be in keeping with those roles. So, for example, Daisy's scene with Pepper is raw and fierce and full of the pent up frustration on Daisy's part, while the threesome is softer and more exploratory.

I kind of pitched this as a MILF movie to Filly, which it sort of is, but not really. It's definitely not an older/younger release in the vein of Filly's Seduced by Mommy series or Girlfriend's Lesbian Seductions. What it is, really, is a movie about women rather than girls. The performers are mid twenties to early thirties, and the characters are adults with adult lives and jobs and responsibilities with the exception of 19 year old Pepper. I think porn neglects this age/lifestage/what-have-you and posits performers as either MILFs/cougars or teenagers.

Here's the boxcover, which I think is the final draft. For the record, I wrote that dry, wordy synopsis that's on the back but I didn't intend for it to end up on the back. Other than that, it's my favorite boxcover for any of my Filly movies.

Infidelity: A Love Story cover


  1. really diggin your movies..as a male i hope thats not freakin u out…but ive enjoyed the realness,lead in dialogue and eroticism that most girlfriends, triangle and now fiilly films provides…that said, after reading your blog on infidelity, i have no doubt you’ve once again wrangled a taboo subject of the world and put a titillating light and story to it with your CADEnce…so looking fwd to seeing the finished project as well as your future projects…love the casting as well..ELA DARLING, PEPPER KESTER, heavenly beauties…just thanks… to you, the god eros, and filly films.

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