1. Hi Lily, 

    As I am writing this ditty with my partner. We just wanted to say that we both love your work. It’s great to see a strong beautiful woman take the lead and enjoy her work so much. Girl/Girl porn has always been a real turn on for us. Indeed your work actually helped us live out our re-occurring fantasy of girl on girl play.¬†

    Let me explain. My enjoyment comes solely ¬†from watching my wife being seduced and then ceremoniously fucked by another woman (I only watch). ¬†Whereas my wife’s enjoyment comes from being submissive and fucked by another woman whilst I look on. As we all know, In the hetro world this is aptly named “cuckold.” I don’t think it has a female “named” equivalent! Then again, ¬†Voyeurism ¬†or ¬†pervert spring to mind….. Lol… Maybe I have just unlocked a new fetish market mmmmmmmmm. ¬†Fancy starting new sub genre? My wife and I are eagerly waiting Lily. XxxxX

    Anyway, thanks for casting your eyes on our first of many little ditties. 

    Big dirty kisses

    Sean & Mandy

    Two admirers with two “very” different hots for Lily Cade. X

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