Hard Working Girls – Dylan Ryan and India Summer

Today we shot the first scene for my new movie, "Hard Working Girls". The theme of this movie is blue collar dykes, and I'm really excited about it.

Today's scene featured Dylan as the pizza girl, whom India mistakes for the pizza boy. I like playing with porn tropes, and even though a pizza worker isn't exactly blue collar (the other three jobs are construction worker, auto mechanic and plumber) I had fun with this script. I'm not going to give away everything, but I will tell you that it was super hot and that Dylan kept her pizza delivery hat and red tennis shoes on the whole time. These girls had amazing chemistry, and the footage looks great.

Here I am with two sweaty fuck-drunk girls who just had sex on my couch. I really do have the best life.

This is my directing shirt


  1. The first scene I ever saw you in was with India Summer. You both looked like you were having such a great time that we (my wife and I) became instant fans.

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