Guest Post by Tod Hunter

"...and the smile on the face of the tiger"

I enjoy the company of lesbians. Once we get to know each other after an initial feeling-out period (No, I don't want to show you the joys of heterosexuality, don’t get the wrong idea when I buy you a drink) I find I can have a good friendship or professional-colleague relationship with somebody who has no sexual interest in men.

I feel the same way myself.

Every so often, a performer comes along who exudes such raw sexuality that she's hard to resist. Lily Cade comes to mind. Natural red hair in a casual, almost unkempt Dennis the Menace bob, way-curvy body with big boobs rarely trussed up in a bra and usually trying to find their way out of a half-unbuttoned shirt, pale-white skin and a cheerful lack of inhibition that leads her to playfully molest other women in public.

I first spotted her a couple of years ago, and was instantly drawn to her. She's charismatic as hell and whip-smart, with wary eyes that look at men with a certain distrust, because she has no sexual interest in men whatsoever. Never been with one and this late in the game that's probably not going to change. Over the last year I've gained her trust -- I think -- and I have watched her mature into a director and producer ("I like to work") as well as a performer who can deliver a great scene: now coquettish, now wanton, playing the seductress drawing the reluctant bi-curious virgin into her web or the hard butch on the prowl with equal effectiveness.

Although I find her attractive, it's more of an aesthetic appreciation than a lustful one. I look at her the same way I would a tiger in an enclosure at the zoo. I appreciate the sleek lines of muscle, the graceful runs and leaps, the interplay of black and orange and white stripes and the intelligent, cunning eyes.

But I would NEVER get in the cage with the tiger.

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  1. An excellent description of why I, too, appreciate lesbian women (not just lesbian sex in the pornographic sense, but the actual women themselves).

    — Scotty

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