Good Reviews!

Ok, so Butches and Babes and Live Nerd Girls came out a long time ago, but AVN reviewer Todd Hunter just recently reviewed them, giving both movies an AAAA rating.

If you haven't seen these movies yet, these reviews might just be the incentive you need.

Live Nerd Girls

Butches and Babes

This is my favorite part (from the B&B review, referencing the way I pick up Brett in the bathroom): "Anybody objecting "Who does she think she is?" and "Nobody's that irresistible" is invited to check out any gonzo release shot in the last 20 years and reconsider." As anyone who has ever partied with me knows,  I totally base those bathroom hookup scenes on my real life.

If you would like a signed copy of either of these films, leave me a comment and I'll shoot you an email about it. And just because I know you like that sort of thing, here's a random naked picture of me.




  1. Yeah, I’m good. So are you. Thanks for noticing.

    And I wouldn’t say I’ve partied with you a LOT but I have no idea how many times you’ve connected in the bathroom. I have an intense memory of a late supper with you and several other people at the Palms after the AVN awards. You seemed kinda dazed and when you admitted that you hadn’t slept in three days it made sense.

  2. Just got the Butches and Babes DVD in which you seduce the beautiful Brett Rossi. Wow! I really adore this genre and I am so thrilled so many pretty girls are getting a real tongue-lashing for a change. I still think your scene with Taylor Vixen is my favorite. A Penthouse Pet of the Year with a bulldyke is something you would never have seen 10 years ago. I was wondering if you could persuade Kayden Kross into performing in a Butches and Babes title? I saw her on YouTube at a GL fest making out with girls, so I think she’s halfway there already. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Kayden’s under contract with Digital Playground, so can’t shoot for me 🙁 She is hot though, and I like her blog.

      I’m glad you dug butches and babes, it was really fun to make.

  3. Butches & Babes is the first DVD I ever purchased sight-unseen. I did view the cover, but it was the title, your name and a Penthouse Pet that had me hitting the ‘buy now’ button. I really hope this becomes a series that attracts a lot of cute girls. The Rossi hook-up was breathtaking. I seriously could not work the next day, it was just in my head constantly. I’m still crossing my fingers for you to one day go at it with Kayden, but other Penthouse Pets such as Jayden Cole, Charlie and Adrienne Manning seem like great candidates. They’ve all done ‘real’ lesbian porn, so I hope it happens. Jayden’s ass is insane! OMG! And Charlie’s face is so damn pretty. I would love for you to sit on it! ;). Which pornstars got you hot growing up? It would have been beautiful to watch you take on Racquel Darrian. She took on quite a few short-haired lesbians/ dykes earlier on in her career. You two would have rocked it! More, Lily! More! ;)…

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