Girls That Rock – Ruby Violence

I met Ruby Violence on set for Divested Films. We hit it off right away, before the scene even started. That's always great, when I click with someone in the makeup chair and just know it's going to be a kickass scene. That day we were shooting "Lust" for a series of movies based on the seven deadly sins (I also did Wrath, with Ms. Kartier). The Divested crew had built this big spiderweb with a frame for restraining people.

Ruby Violence Spider Web

In the scene (which you'll get to see here), Ruby and I fought for control. First I tied her to the web and flogged and spanked her until her ass was bright red. Then I agreed to let her go, but she managed to get the better of me and restrain one of my hands. I escaped, and tied her to a chair with rope, where I teased her with a little flogger and then fucked her with a strap on. Finally, I untied her and let her have her way with me. We had so much fun that we made plans to do it again, and shot a second series of scenes with Divested, this time including a threesome with new girl Lucy Blaze (her first girl/girl work - and she shot with me, with Ruby and then with Ruby and me together).

I wore a man's suit (the same one I wore to the AVNs and in Girls in White 2011 Part 3) and Lucy was my date. Ruby played the waitress, whom I seduced with a hundred dollar tip and the prospect of two girls at once. We ended up having so much fun that while we were being interviewed for BTS, we decided to start fucking again.

Since then, I started hanging out with Ruby all the time. I like her because she's artistic, she's smart and she's always down to have a sexy adventure. Oh yeah, she's also hot. Did I mention that? Ruby and I worked together on Homemade Girlfriends 9, we shot together for an upcoming episode of Homegrown's Housewives Unleashed series (I played a cop, she played a horny housewife), we've shot a bunch of content together for her site and mine, we've done photoshoots, and we even went out to the dessert with my friend Elle Schneider to shoot some amazing art prints.

Ruby and I also do webcam sometimes. We're "LilyandRuby" on streammate. You can check out Ruby's site at and you'll be able to see a lot of her here.

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