Girls That Rock: Ela Darling

Since my site's been offline for a while, I've missed a lot of day-by-day recap opportunities - you know, on Tuesday I fucked this girl...on Wednesday I went to this party. Since March, I've shot some amazing scenes and met some amazing people. Speaking of people, I've decided to start a new series on this blog. I'm going to highlight some of the girls in the industry that I love working with (and just plain love). Don't worry, I'll include pictures.

First up, the lovely Ela Darling.

Ela is an adorable geek - the sexy librarian who seems shy (actually, she is kind of shy) but is secretly dirty. She's smart, genuinely sweet, and someone I love hanging out with whether we're drinking wine in her cool downtown loft with our mutual spouses or fucking each other senseless under the bright lights of a valley mansion that rents by the hour.

I met miss Darling during my rampage through Dr. Suzy's speakeasy on Eros Day. I thought she was hot, and I had fun fucking her, and I made her squirt but I didn't get her full name or her number or anything. I spelled her name wrong on my blog about the event.

Fast forward a couple of months. Dan from Girlfriends Films, one of my favorite companies to work for, shoots me an email. He wants to know when I'm available to shoot a scene with Ela Darling. Since I'd never heard of her (and I like to know what I'm getting myself into...take the pun if you want it), I did a little research. To my surprise, I realized we'd, uh, met.

When I arrived on set, too early as usual, Ela was already there. No one else was. We sat on the concrete driveway, in the shadow of Ela's ancient Volvo Ford (her car is actually older than mine), and chatted until our call time arrived along with the crew. I dug this girl - from her master's degree to her big eyes to her punctuality. We clicked, on more than just a sexual level.

The setup for the day was that I was trying to sell my house and Ela was my real estate agent. I showed her around a bit, until we got to the closet where I had hidden my strap on (the glittery one, because Ela loves sparkly things and it matched her nails). After a bit of back and forth I pushed her up against the closet wall and made out with her. She drew breath, her briefcase dropped, I was in. We moved to the bed, where I ripped the crotch out of nylons and fucked her senseless. (Don't worry, she returned the favor). By the time the scene was over, Ela was shaking and unable to speak properly. We cleaned up, and I told Ela that I'd love to work with her again, and she agreed. We got each others' numbers and twitters and assorted social media connections and bid farewell.

We did work together again, but you'll have to wait for part two to read about it.


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