Girls That Rock: Ela Darling (part 2)

Although I intended to work with Ela again soon after our Girlfriends scene, we didn't end up working together again for a few months. Ela was in China. Then she was sick. Our paths did not cross until I booked her for a fetish shoot with Roulette Productions.

I met Mistress Roulette and her husband Preston on one of those adult job board things. They shoot fetish movies of various kinds, and Roulette works as a therapist. I swear I heard her call in to the Dan Savage podcast once (she has a distinctive voice) to give advice to a caller about kink positive counselors, but I never asked her about it. Anyway, they wanted me to help them with some girl/girl fetish movies, so I wrote a couple of scenes. They asked for a scene partner recommendation, and Ela was the top of my list.

While the crew set up the lights, Roulette took us to a salon and had all of our hair done, giving me and Ela plenty of time to get caught up. The first scene we were doing was a couples counseling scene (Roulette has a series of these) so we had to brainstorm ideas about how to pretend to have a bad relationship with each other. We decided that we had been a really kinky couple, but now that we were serious, we didn't really get in on anymore. The passion had died. We just laid there. To be honest, this was a challenging acting role for me. I don't know what not wanting to fuck feels like. I think we sold it, but the scene will be up here on my site, so the viewers will have to be the judge of that. What I do know is that when it we did get down to business, we rocked it.

I pulled Ela over my knee and started spanking her (pretending not to want to be doing it at first). We gave in to our passions and fucked right there in the therapists office. As she rode my strap on (the glittery one again) I commanded Ela to look at Roulette, playing with the exhibitionism of the whole thing. Eventually Roulette announced that our hour was up, so we had to leave. We exited, still making out, vowing to go home and do it again.

While we didn't go home, we did do it again. The second scene was actually my favorite. I played the corrupt security guard to Ela's snobby shoplifter. She had stolen some dildos from a sex store, and I interrogated her in a creepy basement. Of course, I agreed to let her keep them if she "earned" them but not before handcuffing her, using a riding crop on her feet, and just generally having my way with her. You'll get to see that here too.

Since then I've been hanging out with Ela on a regular basis, just doing friend things. I like her husband. She likes my wife. I'm thrilled that I met her.

Of course, that doesn't preclude randomly running into each other on set. I got a part in a mainstream music video the other day. My job: pose naked with my snake, let other people pose naked with my snake, and make out with a chick. When I got there I asked who I was making out with. The director looked at a list. "Ela," he said. "She's the third person we're shooting."

I thought about asking whether this was Ela Darling. I decided against it, but I wasn't exactly surprised when she arrived. We made out as my snake crawled around my neck. "You've done this before, haven't you?" the director asked. We just smiled.


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