Girls That Rock – Aaliyah Love

This occasional series highlights porn girls I really dig. Today, I want to talk about adorable blonde Aaliyah Love.

Aaliyah Love

I met Aaliyah Love on set, but we weren't scheduled to work together. In fact, nobody was supposed to fuck that day - it was a dialogue day for Girlfriends Films' annual Girls in White series. I got to wear my red suit from AVN, and Aaliyah was one of the debutantes, so she wore a white ball gown. Aaliyah has this sweet, bubbly vibe but with a dirty undercurrent and we hit it off right away (by hit it off, I mean I fingered her in the ballroom).

Of course, we wanted more than some drive-by sex, so we set up a day to shoot together for our websites. I shot two scenes - one on the couch in brightly colored underwear sets, and one in which I play a mechanic who gives Aaliyah a discount on her automotive services in return for a little hard pounding strap-on action.

When I was casting for Lesbian Fuck Club, my big lesbian orgy movie, Aaliyah was definitely on my list. I called her up, and she was totally excited about getting to fuck eight girls at the same time. She brought beautiful Shlya Jennings with her (in the movie, it's Shyla who brought Aaliyah, but only because Aaliyah looks more innocent) so I put them together for a mini-scene and let them have a little one on one before joining the club. Aaliyah threw herself into the orgy, and was great to have on set. I dig this girl because she's got a great attitude, she truly loves what she's doing, and she's fun to fuck.

Lily Cade fucking Aaliyah Love

Aaliyah has her own site too, We'll definitely be shooting together more in the future, and you can bet I'll have her on my list for future movies. In the meantime, go check us out together in the videos section.

Aaliyah Love Nude



  1. aww ur so sweet Lily, thank you! I think we have amazing chemistry and I was just writing a blog post about you, and I told the story of what happened in the last pic u have posted here, which was one of the hottest experiences during that orgy for me!
    I cant wait to get you over here to my place next time to shoot more scenes.. anytime sexy girl:) I love fucking you!

  2. You two are so hot together it makes me throb! Lily has been one of my favorites ever since she strapped Prinzzess and I have been following Aaliyah for several months now, and to see the two of you together is a dream CUM true! I think every girl wants secrectly be strapped by a hot dyke like you Lily and you are so very good at it. You true really do have great chemestry together and I cannot wait until you shoot again with Aaliyah!

  3. I looooooooove her scenes. She can play anything. First flick I saw of hers was with her in a “Mommie” scene, were she was the teenage tart getting ready to be violated. At that time, I was a bit turned off too see this type of scene, but Aaliyah and her amazing acting scene sold the scene and the genre to me. She hot very seductive yet maintained this sexy innocence that just made you want to see her get everyone naked. I’m a fan of this beauty and will forever more be.

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