Girls in White for Girlfriends Films

Back in December, my wife, Sten, and I got invited to the big Girlfriends Films "Girls in White" ball. GFF filled a house with a couple dozen girls in formal dresses (and two girls in suits). I ended up wearing my wife's suit, because I couldn't find the pants for my black suit (I did find the pants from my roommate's ex boyfriend's black suit, which leads me to believe a switch may have occurred...awkward) but it looked great on me.  I didn't shoot any sex that day, but I did shoot a dialogue scene with Violet Monroe. I came on strong, noting how much we had in common (red hair, flower names), made out with her, and lead her away.

Well, this Friday I finally got to shoot the culmination of that scene.

I like Violet Monroe. She's one of the girls that I hang out with off camera (you can often find us at Porn Star Karaoke). She's introduced me to some awesome bands including The Raveonettes and stayed up until seven or eight in the morning with a couple of times. I've also worked with her before in my feature Art School Dykes, where we got down and dirty in the bathroom.

Anyway, in this scene, I got to act suave and gentlemanly, at least until we got to the bed. The sex itself was rough, but in a friendly way, not mean just intense. Violet's dress was white, and really hard to remove. The straps had to be pulled over her head, which made for some awkwardness, but once that was out of the way, it was no holds barred. I brought out my big black strap on and fucked her hard, but she gave me mine too. Usually "trib" doesn't do much for me but Violet had me so on edge that I got off really hard when she rubbed her clit on mine. We ended the scene kissing and caressing, not wanting to stop as the cameras kept rolling.

If it looked as good as it felt, this will prove to be one of my best scenes.


  1. Hi Lily,

    Even though this was shot a couple of years ago, this has to be my all time fav strapon scene (ever). I never tire of watching it. ; )

    Deep meaningful thrusts with shorts jerks thrown in for good measure (bliss).

    To many of us women dont have a clue how to use such a erotic tool. In the adult
    industry it is often a case of in out, in out etc. Of which i find very frustrating to say the least.

    As a bisexual woman I would urge any other women to watch and learn the art of how to use a strapon with meaning. Now where is the rewind button. XxxxX

    All my lust


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