Foot Fetish!

Hey Everyone. I wanted to take a minute to highlight a new site that I've been shooting for. It's called Elite Foot Fetish Desire and I've shot a couple of hot foot fetish themed girl/girl scenes for them.

Lily Cade licks Aaliyah Love's Feet

Can you tell who that is? I'll give you a second. Ok, if you said Aaliyah Love, congrats. EFFD gave me the chance to shoot two hots scenes with the lovely Aaliyah, one where I tie her up and punish those adorable size 6s, and another more gentle scene where Aaliyah and I go in for some passionate fucking that includes a lot of massaging of our high-heel-sore feet. I never turn down a chance to work with this hot blonde babe (isn't it great how I say "work with" and I really mean "fuck". My job is the best.)

Lily Cade kisses Aaliyah Love's feet

One of the fun things about porn is that, even if you come into it very sexually experienced (as I did), it will expand your horizons. I'm not saying that porn forces you to do things that you don't want to do - I've always been very firm about my limits - but that it exposes you to things you wouldn't think about otherwise. Foot Fetish was one of those things for me. I never really liked my feet - they are  big, and have scars on the tops from a surgery I had as a kid - and feet in general wasn't something I really associated with sex, or eroticism.

And then I met Eden Foster - the first girl I shot as a producer, and the first female foot fetishist I'd ever met. Eden is really into feet. I mean, the way she gets off hardest is by sucking toes while she's being fucked. Eden showed me how incredibly great it feels to have my feet touched, sucked and played with and I even fucked her with my whole foot once. Of course, I like reciprocity, and I LOVE making girls feel good, so when I'm with a girl who likes attention paid to her feet - I am all about it. If you're a site member, you know there are a number of scenes in the videos section that feature foot fetish action.

Anyway, let's get back to Elite Foot Fetish Desire. It's a new site run by a woman videographer/photographer who really like feet. I've checked out some of her videos, and she seems to really understand how to capture women's feet - for example, she shot my friend Annabelle Lee doing a solo masturbation scene, and while Annabelle is coming (hard...if you know Annabelle, you know what I'm talking about), Nora keeps Annabelle's clenching and unclenching toes in the foreground of the shot, framing her ecstatic face. I've actually helped Nora out a bit, putting her in touch with some of my favorite girls, including Aaliyah, Ela Darling (who is also about the foot and stocking fetish), Pepper Kester, Annabelle Lee and the list goes one. So if you check the site out, you'll not only see me (with Aaliyah, and with sexy MILF Deborah Ann), you'll see a lot the girls I really dig.

So if you're a foot fan, go check the site out already 🙂

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