Final Day Of AVN

I woke up from sleeping on the ground, showered and got ready with Rosalynn LaRoux. Elle, still too tired to move, opted to stay on the couch and find us later since she didn't have a badge for the convention. Rosalynn and I headed back over to the expo in my car. Attendance was light and I had time to do a set with Rick Garcia (and my awesome shoes)

As the convention neared close, I met up with my webmasters, Sam and Korbel. I'd been missing them so far: they got in late and missed Saturday's expo, they went to bed before I got done with dinner after the awards, and so on. Rick wanted me to do a shoot with a new model, but I needed a change of clothes and my makeup bag. My car was once again blocked in, so I grabbed the items and rode with Sam and Korbel over to Porno Dan's house outside the city.

This was to be the first shoot for Sheridan Love, a new model from Texas. I chatted with her about the business, sharing my experiences and advice, until Rick took her to shoot some solo stills. I hung out in the kitchen where Porno Dan and his guys were making food. Dan seemed confused by me, and the fact that I'd never been with a man. The guys teased me, saying I was just in time for the gangbang. I told them I'd film the gangbang instead. Of course, there wasn't any gangbang, just a girl/girl with me and Sherdian. I played the butch pool player.

When the shoot was over, I went back to circle bar with Sam and Korbel. It wasn't quite the party it had been, so I hung out with them while they played the slots and met back up with my roommate. Elle was under the (mistaken as it turned out) impression that she had an early morning doctor's appointment, so I was drinking coffee in preparation for a late night drive back to L.A. I had plans to hang out with Violet Monroe but ultimately decided I needed to start said late night drive if I was going to make it home alive.

Elle and I got back to L.A. around 4am and I slipped into bed next to my wife. Mind still racing from the coffee I'd been drinking on the drive, I wanted to tell her all about my weekend, but I held my tongue, knowing she had work in a few hours. When she got up to start her commute, I staggered over to Elle's door. "What time is your appoinment?" I asked. "3 P.M," she replied groggily. I rolled my eyes and went back to bed.

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