Elexis Monroe Needs Help

If you're a fan of the "lesbian erotica" genre of porn, you know Elexis Monroe, who has been called "The Queen of Lesbian Porn". She was also my first professional scene partner (I'd done some really low budget amateur stuff, but Elexis was my first DVD scene) back when I was this hairy legged little baby dyke who had no idea how to do makeup and had to go out and buy lingerie for the scene because I didn't own any. Good thing I was playing a girl dressing as a boy to get a job in Victorian England. Elexis looked amazing, and she just exuded sexuality.

That was four years ago. Right now, Elexis is seriously ill. She has an infection in her jaw that is threatening her face and her life. She's already had one surgery, but she needs more. She's a single mom, and porn is her job - a job that's pretty hard to do while you're recovering from surgery on your face.

Here's the thing about porn performers: we don't have a safety net. We don't have a union. We don't get residuals. Many, many porn performers don't have insurance. So when something like this happens, a performer is kind of on her own. Girlfriends has discussed making a movie to benefit Elexis, which I've offered to be a part of and which I hope happens. In the meantime, you can donate to Elexis through paypal. Her paypal email is elexis08@gmail.com

Alternatively, if you want to buy a signed copy of either Hard Working Girls or Live Nerd Girls for $25 I will donate the proceeds to Elexis's surgery fund. Send me an email at lily@lilycade.com


  1. I remember seeing that scene and thinking, “Who is this hot redhead with the cute, cool haircut? Haven’t seen her before.” Obviously, I’m glad to have seen much more of her since!

    Of course I’m a longtime Elexis fan (and I doubt I’m alone in that), and so very sorry to hear about her current situation, but glad that people in her community like yourselves are trying to do something to help her. I’ll be glad to make a donation to Elexis through her link, but I’d also like to take you up on your offer for the signed DVDs — I’ll email you privately for details, but wanted to post this here to express my concern for a performer whose work I’ve enjoyed greatly and my hopes for her swift and healthy recovery.

    — Scotty

  2. Eres muy atractiva para nosotras las lesvianas sobre. Todo para mi siento ke eres pasional sensible y k tokas tan. Pasional a una mujer kisiera k aserte sentí un placer unico k
    Ninguna. De esaa actrises te lo andado. Me Encantas soy mexica. Y me facianas
    Lily cade

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