Eat My Lesbian Ass

My latest movie for Filly Films is now out. Check out Eat My Lesbian Ass!

Cheyenne shows off her butt

When the films opens, I'm getting it on with Proxy Paige in a swanky bathroom.

Lily Cade kissing Proxy Paige

But, as it turns out, Proxy has a girlfriend, Nikki Hearts...who just happens to be at the same party.

Nikki Hearts catches Lily Cade and Proxy Paige

Nikki's pissed, and ready to start a fight with me, but Proxy insists there's enough of her to go around...and in fact there is and the three of us get down to a wild lesbian threesome with fingers and tongues everywhere.

Nikki Hearts, Lily Cade and Proxy Paige fuck

Next up, Eden Foster's doing her laundry when Annabelle Lee surprises her. Annabelle can't help but notice how cute Eden is, and Eden gives her a bit of a tease, showing off her cute underwear until Annabelle just can't stop herself.

Eden Foster kisses Annabelle Lee

Eden has been wanting to work with Annabelle since she met her, and I was excited to make this match up happen. These girls don't disappoint, and the sex is hard and intense and real.

Eden Foster licks Annabelle Lee's ass

Back at the office after my night of partying, I'm checking out my new secretary Jay Taylor.

Lily Cade and Jay Taylor

I make Jay stay late after work, and seduce her while she's trying to file paperwork. Jay's a kinky girl who likes it rough, and I show her exactly the kind of good time she's looking for.

Lily Cade fucks Jay Taylor

Finally, Kara Price is hanging out in the messy apartment she's supposed to be cleaning so she and her girlfriend Cheyenne can move out. When Cheyenne shows up, and the apartment is still totally messy, Kara decides to distract her with some sex.

This is another really intense scene, with Kara topping Cheyenne. Asses are eaten and fucked, panties are stuffed up Cheyenne's pussy, and lots of orgasms ensue.

Kara and Cheynne

So that's "Eat My Lesbian Ass". This is a movie with hard fucking, ass play, and good chemistry.




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