Dr. Suzy’s Eros Day Party

I got the invite to Eros Day the first time I went on the Dr. Suzy show (I ended up having sex with latex doll RubberNecro that night and talking about wikileaks) and I knew I had to go. I was told I would be Artemis, which was right up my alley. I actually used to have a horse named Artemis, because I like her best of all the Greco-Roman gods: virgin huntress with her all her handmaidens and nymphs, her waist length tunic (totally manly in ancient Greece), her bow and arrows. When the actual party rolled around, I didn't actually bring any bow or arrows, but I did plenty of hunting, so to speak.

I got lost on the way to Suzy's Speakeasy (I went to West Olympic instead of East Olympic). When I finally got there, fifteen minutes late, I was in panic mode. I am punctual to a fault and being late destabilizes me, throws me off my game. On top of that I had left my wallet in the car (since I knew I was going to naked most of the evening), forgetting that I needed to sign a release and show my ID. Fortunately, Kelly Shibari was the one doing the ID copying and she already had mine on file on I didn't have to retrieve my wallet. She also assured me that my tardiness was not a problem: "Eros Day doesn't start on time. Plenty of people aren't here yet." I was still stressed, so I went over to the bar and ordered a scotch and soda. What I got was a Jack and Coke. Oh well. It was free.

The edge sloshed off, I wandered around, looking for someone to explain what I supposed to wear and what I was do. I was given a piece of see through fabric to wear as a toga of sorts.

Eventually, the festivities began. Dr Suzy began the show, holding a snake as the "Gods" and "Goddesses" lounged behind her, each of us holding a candle shaped like either a penis or a vagina (you know which kind of candle I had). As Suzy narrated, Axel Braun (Zeus) led Misti Dawn (Venus) to a St. Andrews Cross and started flogging her. torturing her for the sins of humanity's repression. Then we lit the candles and called for Eros (Michael Vegas) to come rescue her. Dressed in angel wings and not much else, he unhooked Misti and took her over to the bed, which the rest of us vacated. Then Dr Suzy announced that it was time for everyone to worship Eros. I was first in line, and I kind of balked. How was I going to worship Michael...he's a dude? I ended up kissing Misti instead.

Sinn Sage (I'm not sure if she was an official deity that night) was standing off to the corner of the bed. I got reacquainted with Sinn during AVN - I hadn't seen her since our scene in Lesbian Daydreams 3 (shot in the spring of '09). I think Sinn's great: she's hot, she's tough, and she's got that balls to the wall energy that I really dig. So it was no surprise we ended up fucking, first over to the side of the bed, then on it.

The sex was raw, intense, awesome. She slapped my tits while I fucked her with my strap on. We both ended up with bruises (me on my boobs, her on her neck). When we were done, I went to the other side of the bed and sidled up to RubberNecro (playing Persephone, in black angel wings and of course latex) while Sinn got down with Dane Cross (her first on camera boy/girl).

RubberNecro is beautiful and adorable and fun. I love her energy too, softer than Sinn's but no less passionate. We fucked on the side of the bed, her still dressed in her black rubber (the outfit was, conveniently, crotchless).

When I walked off to a get a drink, a civilian couple pulled me to the side, and asked if I would mind getting down with their female half. She was cute, so of course I didn't mind. They were bothered by the cameras though, since I guess they had important jobs of some kind, so we went off to find seclusion. We located a bedroom and my strap on got another workout. Eventually cameras showed up and we had to stop. I pushed the girl down beside the bed, covered her with my body, and finished her with my hand.

I spent the rest of the evening wandering around wearing nothing but my strap on, luring girls to Dr. Suzy's bed (and fucking some in the dark corners instead). Dr. Suzy told me I was channeling the spirit of Eros, and made various pronouncements while I was doing my thing with different girls. I felt like a sports player or something (she shoots..she scores...you get it).

I fucked a really cute girl who was a librarian but was trying to get into girl/girl porn. I think her name was Ella. I asked her if she'd talked to Girlfriends Films, and she said she had. You'll probably be seeing her around, because she's great. (I also messed around with another girl who turned out to be Ella's ride, a smoking hot makeup artist with short blonde hair, but she was one of the ones who didn't like the cameras. She bit me and added a bruise to my collection)

People kept asking me if I wanted to be body painted, which I most assuredly did not. I hate sticky things being on my body, and I didn't want to be touched by the male body painters anyway. Lots of other people did get painted.

As the night wore the body paint got itchy, so I helped several girls peel it off of themselves. Sometimes this segued into sex. The instinct to groom is deep, a remnant of our simian past. I said something like this to Dr. Suzy, but far less articulately because I was quite drunk by that time.

All told, I had sex with eleven chicks. There's probably pictures of most of it somewhere (like on Dr. Suzy's website). Some were in porn, some were not. I had an amazing time. I had been a little bit worried that I might end up molested at this party, because there would be civilians there and I've had less than great experiences with civilians at wild parties. I didn't want dudes touching me or slapping my ass or assuming that because I was banging chicks they could bang me. My fears were completely unfounded though, because everyone at the party was totally respectful and awesome. The night was crazy only in the best way.

Around three am, my wife showed up and rescued me from having to find a place to sleep somewhere in the Speakeasy. We were starving, so we went to IHOP and ate pancakes and hashbrowns and talked about our evenings (she'd been at a drag party getting hit on by gay dudes and making out with one of our hot friends who was also in drag).

Thanks to Rick Garcia for all the awesome photos! If you want to see more of this, go to http://www.drsusanblock.tv


    1. I meant to do it earlier, but I’ve been alternating between busy and wiped out this week.

      However I just got the pictures, so I think it worked out okay. Pictures make everything better.

      1. oh yes, pictures can tell thousand of stories…
        all are nicely put! ๐Ÿ™‚
        and they way you put things in words are very interesting to read..as they are simple and straight to the point..
        Great Job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. So glad you were able to make it to Eros Day – I’m sure anyone would be kicking themselves for having missed it just by reading your post ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for things not starting on time, the radio show starts promptly but Eros Day was a whole ‘nother animal…and as you know we NEVER end at a socially decent hour either – we keep going until everyone is satisfied

    Hope to see you at the Speakeasy again – sooner rather than later!

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