So, I'm trying to make a non-porn short film. It started as a really small project, but we've got a script we like and awesome actors, and a kick-ass lady director (Elle Schneider, who is also my may have seen her at PSK) and we're totally dedicated to making this the best film we possibly can...and getting it into film festivals.

It's a short comedy about a girl whose therapist sends her to a class to deal with her intimacy issues. Elle and I wrote the script, I'm producing, Elle's directing, the lead actress is a good friend of mine, and the class instructor is played by a super cool porn star that you've probably heard of.

When we first started working on this film, we had an actor and DP (Director of Photography, not the kind that involves stuffing both your holes) attached. Well, we had an actor attached who said his friend would DP...but he wouldn't actually give us his friends email or name. I don't want to hash this whole huge drama in too much detail, but basically the DP initially loved the script so much he wanted to direct it. When we said no, he wanted to co-direct (which, of course, isn't actually a thing...especially not with someone you've never worked with before). Which prompted the actor to have a crazy ranty meltdown all over the lead actress. A meltdown that accused me of being a "random psycho porn bitch" , among other things, for doing my job as the AD/Producer and saying that everyone involved on the project needed to have an actual sit down meeting before showing up to set to shoot this film and that, no, the DP could not direct/co-direct. The actor then accused both Elle and the lead actress of also being "lesbo porn stars" (because, you know, who else would hang out with me).

Go here to see a small example of the crazy. This was the last of several emails he sent to our actress.

Anyway, now we really want to make the damn movie, and make it right, and show this random dudes and the rest of the world that we can accomplish awesome stuff both within and outside of porn. It would totally rock if you would check out my Indiegogo campaign. I have some funny prizes and even if you can spare a buck it would help us out (and will net you a super cool cat photo)


  1. Hi Lily:

    Do you need my address to mail the DVD for Cuddles? It should have come with the PayPal receipt. If not, e-mail me and I’ll get you an address. Hope you get all you need!


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