Measure B

There’s a ballot measure in Los Angeles county, Measure B, that would require porn producers to obtain a health permit and use condoms. I am very much against this measure, as is almost everyone in porn. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) created this ballot measure, funded the signature gathering to get it on the ballot, and […]


So, I’m trying to make a non-porn short film. It started as a really small project, but we’ve got a script we like and awesome actors, and a kick-ass lady director (Elle Schneider, who is also my roommate…you may have seen her at PSK) and we’re totally dedicated to making this the best film we […]


I am in a weird mood, and so I’m going to write this weird blog post. If you check out my site, you’ll notice that every video I have on here is girl/girl (or lots of girls). Obviously, there isn’t any boy/girl, but you’ll also notice that I don’t post solo masturbation videos like most […]