Casting Call!

I'm putting together a "real lesbian couples" movie, and I'm seeking couples who would be interested in shooting with me.

I need female/female couples, and I'm open to a variety of looks, ages, etc. I'd like to represent different types of people and couples. I'm open to women who consider themselves lesbian, as well as those who identify as bisexual, queer or something else. I'm looking for newer lovers and long term couples. I am seeking relationships though - not girls who hook up with each other on the side or something like that. I'm happy to shoot people in open relationships - I'm in an open relationship myself - but I want to interview and shoot primary partners.

I'm not looking for established porn people. If you've dabbled in indie/queer/amateur porn a bit, that's fine, but with this movie I'm not looking for pros.

The project consists of an interview (about such things as coming out, how you met, and your experience - if any - with consuming porn) and a sex scene. I'll be using minimal crew and trying to make everything as natural as possible. This is a paid project.

If this sounds like your thing, send me an email. If possible, include pictures of both members of the couple. You can reach me at lily @ (remove spaces) and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

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