About that Cal/OSHA Meeting

By now you've probably read about the meeting elsewhere, but I thought I'd provide a brief recap of my experience there.

The meeting was a mess. There were a lot of people, porn performers and producers as well as those on the "other side": representatives from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Christian anti-porn people, a public health professor from UCLA and so on. There were so many people that a second room had to be opened so that everyone could sit down (this actually happened while I was in the bathroom, so I came back to the room doubled in size). For the first two hours, the Cal/OSHA board tried to get everyone to talk about four definitions from their proposed document, but everyone wanted to talk about other things. New people would come in, say something that had just been said, and be shot down by the board. I spent most of the time sitting next to the Girlfriends Films contingent and not saying anything. I did think some valid points were brought up - such as who exactly should be considered a producer: one of the issues we have here is that the board essentially wants to hold as many people responsible as possible, so defines producer (which is defined as an employer) very broadly.

We broke for lunch. I didn't want lunch. I just wanted to finish the meeting. I went with Ela Darling, Charlie Ninja and Cyd Black back to Ela's place where we ate some strawberries and talked about how ridiculous this whole thing was. We tried to call a cab to take us back to the meeting, but no cab came. We tried to hail a cab, but when we told the driver where we were going (not a super long ride, but we were running late and wearing heels) he drove away. So, we walked/ran back to the meeting.

Things got even more contentious after lunch. Porn people screamed, Christians screamed, the Cal/OSHA board screamed. I really didn't feel like anything was accomplished. Sure, maybe we'll get an exemption from the barriers rule for oral sex  with every two week testing and a host of vaccinations (but, as it is written, not an exemption for contact with hands: I brought this up, and the board said they'd think about it). Maybe we'll figure out some way that we don't have to have the clothes we wore in a scene treated as contaminated waste (that's in that standard - anything that gets any kind of body fluids on it has to be placed in color coded bags and decontaminated). However, the replacement of our testing system with one that requires universal precautions and barriers wasn't up for debate. What I took away from this meeting was that we will get nowhere with this board.

After the meeting, Ela Darling, Charlie Ninja and I went back to Ela's place again and shot some threesome porn. We didn't use barriers. We did use a "Fucksaw" which is a reciprocating saw with a dildo on it. Yes, there are pictures. They will get their own post.

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