In which I am called “Unprofessional”

My friend from last night wrote me back. I guess he didn't Google me. I won't respond to this email, but here it is.

Alot of what you are saying is just what the mainstream people say yeah yeah.  I guess you never actually talked to girls I'm the industry who choose to do this for a living and who had doors open for them in life.  You made the mistake of demanding things without first making it known that you are there to work and not to get.hooked up as you made it sound in your first email.  Most young men and women do that.  How you going to demand when you aren't known when you aren't someone we need?  
Now you try and turn it around to the whole feminist thing saying oh since this industry is not.good for females then I can demand this and that.  Read your first email and you'll see you just say I only do whatever I want and you are there to film it and in return you expect to get paid.

I didn't say you must do this or that I just replied to your mistake of demanding.  Of course the girls we work with we meet and discuss what we want and what they want and we for from there but to start with you emailing to say what you want when you haven't done anything is unprofessional.

Again I don't mean to be harsh but its the truth.  So you only want to do what you want to do, that's fine bit you should've made us understand that you now this is a job n's not forbyou to get laid.  Unless you change the way you communicate I don't think this is a future for you with us or this industry on general.  And fyi there is so much free pornnout there and you saying real sex and real enjoyment is what will sell as if thibis a new concept.  We create a brand out of guys and girls and not just do porn.

My unprofessional rant is over. Good luck.


I faced so much of this kind of attitude when I was starting out. Most of the people I approached about my porn career before I had one told me I wasn't pretty enough for girl/girl and I wouldn't get work unless I was willing to grow my hair out and do boys. I heard this "it's just a job" business all the time. I don't see it that way, and that's why I'm good at this.

I think this attitude is a lot of what's wrong with porn. Guys like this push girls past their comfort zones, rather than cultivating talent who enjoys and is thus good at this job. I've been on set with girls who don't know why they're doing this, or who clearly don't like sex. They suck as scene partners, and I feel bad for them.


  1. i can’t be doing with watching fake porm where you can tell the people are not enjoying it! One of the main reasons Lily Cade is so good is because you can see she’s loving it and the girls she’s with are loving it too. Good porn is hard to find but I found my girl ????

  2. First off, I think your an incredibly sexy woman, just the way you are. I think men are so use to seeing girls ‘fake it’ that half of them wouldn’t know a real orgasm or chemistry if it slapped them in the face.

    Nothing turns a scene faster that a girl that doesn’t seem into it. That’s true for g/b porn or g/g (and even b/b) Its a total turn off. I want to watch people that are really into what they are doing, no matter what the sex act is.

    As for the email, Its pretty ridiculous to send such an unprofessional email/rant, while calling you unprofessional. Just seems down right silly.

  3. Most girls do not enjoy having sex with strangers while someone films it. If someone tells you they enjoy doing porn, they are probably a dude or the rare lesbian(you are like the only one) like yourself. Straights girls, who make up 98% of what sells in porn, would rather cam and make money that way than get drilled by some guy or eat some other girl’s smelly pussy.

    1. Most girls don’t do this job. The women who do are my colleagues, my friends, and my lovers. There is a dark side to this job, but most of the girls who do it long term do it because they like it – the sex, the attention, the money, and everything that goes along with it. Maybe you should consider listening to us instead of providing a perspective based on nothing.

      1. Always listen to lily when it comes to lesbians in porn and porn in general and lesbians because Mama knows best and lily is the mother of all lesbian porn.

        “Achievement get”
        Mother of Lesbian porn

        Lol add that to your title page.

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