Butch/Femme with Kay Kardia

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Kay and I met on set and really hit it off. We shot a strap-on scene in a bar. I loved Kay's energy and she's a game lover who, like me, understands how a good porn scene is both a performance and a real sexual encounter. We're  also both former Catholic school girls.

Of course I wanted another time with her, so I set up this shoot.  We got a chance to more fully explore each other's bodies and connect. This scene is super hot, featuring a little bit of roughness and a lot of intensity. Expect to see more of Kay in my projects in the future.

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  1. Did not see the first video you did with Kay, however, I did see her in a whippedass scene. Yes please do more with Kay.

  2. I would like to see you with a black dyke /stud who use
    A strap on on you . Waiting fr f the police to be at my adult store so I can purchase it

      1. The reason I enjoy and purchased yr movies (only when you’re strapped) my dates gets very aroused when yr movies are watched .they make me have yr DVD ready when theycome to town.requesting nasty strap on movies and possible double penetration on some of your girls/lover

  3. Hi lily this is oswald hope u remember me well I know u won’t hey listen m not against u or jealous of u m a big fan of u and love the way u fuck pretty girls but I don’t like u doing with other dykes and getting fucked
    Your goldstar lesbian and a super hot dyke that can fuck any pretty girls brains out
    If I were to make lesbian movies I would pick u as my hero don’t ban me would like to talk to you about ur movies

  4. You can tell a great scene in the pictures. From the days of Suze Randall and the first pictorial I ever saw featuring Mikki Lynn & Felicia in a foot fetish magazine I could see the perfection of what it takes to make an incredible scene. I saw the same thing in you first time I ever saw a trailer with you from Filly Films. After I saw Mikki Lynn’s amazing pictures I began to search high and low for more work of hers. Having never seen a movie of hers I just knew the action would be incredible. Sure enough, it was amazing. It was Babes Illustrated 3 shot by Mike Quasar and long story short, I became her biggest fan. I hope you know that the effort, charisma and performances you speak of to create a scene just make this amazing industry what it is. It is the amazing actresses like you that continue to attract fans for reasons they will never know but appreciate more than you will ever know.

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