Amazing Night!

So it's 7am, and I'm awake. I have this problem where I never can sleep in. It's good though, it means I have time to write this blog post. No pictures this time, but I'll be putting them up as soon as I have them.

Last night I went on the Dr. Suzy show again. Kara Price and I had booked the date weeks ago, because Kara's almost-virgin (thoroughly no longer so, but more on that later) best friend was in town. We didn't know until later that the guests would be the amazing people from Girlfriends Films. Dana Dearmond, Elexis Monroe, Bree Daniels, Girlfriend's camera girl Candi-Girl and owner/director Dan were all there.

I went over to Kara's before the show, to help her friend get ready and drive over with them. About that friend - she's a baby dyke (so let's just call her Baby) with adorable tiny tits and a bob haircut. She was Kara's roommate in college and before I met her, she'd had sex with two chicks, and had never successfully gone down on either of them or had an orgasm during sex. Two nights ago I changed both of those things for her, softly, gently, on an air mattress on Kara's floor. It was junior varsity sex, but last night she was ready to go pro.

We got to Dr. Suzy's pad and took our places on the couch, behind the main guests. Kara and I messed around the tiniest bit, but we didn't want to upstage anyone. Although, when Bree Daniels started talking about how she likes women because they are soft and sensual, Kara and I shared a look that made us both have to leave the room. We refilled our drinks and came back. Kara fished in her glass for ice cubes, dropping one on the couch.

I picked it up. "That was bad," I said, and pushed the ice cube inside of her.

"I'm jealous," said Baby, sitting next to Kara in her borrowed dress.

I took an ice cube from my drink and slipped it between her labia. She inhaled sharply. "Hold it there," I said, holding her eyes a moment before I sat back down. I watched both girls squirm as the ice melted.

The part of the show where everyone does body shots rolled around, and I offered up my tits to the row of female guests. Dana sucked the salt off my boobs, as I downed her shot. I heard some voices of discontent, but I wasn't stealing. I spit it into her mouth with a kiss. Elexis and Bree wanted the salt, but not the shot, so they just licked it off of me.

"You should at least taste it," I told Bree. I let her taste it off my lips before moving on to her perfect breasts. "Is this okay?" I asked, as I moved my hand under her panties. She nodded assent, and I fucked her in her chair. I kept it fairly soft and sensual, at least for me.

Candi girl didn't want my boobs ("I have a girlfriend!" she protested) which left Dan. I pulled Kara off the couch and poured the salt on her. Dan, however, did not want to lick it off of her. He did allow her to lick salt off of his head, and I spanked Kara's ass while she laid across Dan's lap. From there, we carried Kara to the show bed, where everyone else (except Baby, for now) joined us and the real fun started.

Dana and I began fingering Kara together, at first just one finger at a time, then two together. Bree made out with her, while Elexis ran her hands over her body. Kara told Elexis to choke her, and the Girlfriends veteran tightened her hands around her throat. Someone from the audience asked if there was going to be any fisting, and I responded that Kara was too sore from her rough sex the day before (with another of my faves, Sinn Sage). I, however, was completely wrong. Not only did I fist Kara, I did it with Dana's four fingers thrusting inside her as well. This feeling, combined with the hot scene I was witnessing sent me over the edge, and I had an orgasm without being touched (I joked with Dana later that I would be bad in bed if I were male.) I felt Kara's body respond to my response (and, of course, the fact that she was totally being gangbanged by four chicks), and her own quaking orgasm followed not too far behind.

Now it was Baby's turn. I picked her up and carried her to the couch. I rubbed her clit then pressed a hitachi vibrator against it while Kara fucked Bree. I started nice, but Baby didn't want nice. "That's not enough, bitch!" She said, and threw the vibrator down. I stared at her face, and her eyes were hard.

I smacked her as I thrust my fingers into her. We kissed voraciously. She sassed me, and I put my Doc Marten on her face as I worked my whole fist into her and then a string of pearls, bead by bead. She came, and I let her up. She was shaking, but smiling. "That was so hot," she said. I grabbed her hand and made her rub Bree's clit while Kara fucked her with a glass dildo. Then Kara tossed the dildo and I moved in, fucking Bree hard with my hand while I licked her clit. She squirted all over my face.

"Have you ever done that before," I asked her, and she shook her head. I showed her the wetness dripping off of my chin.

Dr. Suzy had us pose for some pictures, and we loitered, sex drunk (and, for some of us, real drunk) around the studio for a bit before Kara and I took Baby home. She decided that she wanted to be in a porno for real, but she's leaving on a plane for Germany tomorrow (and was also drinking). We tried to get Dan to book her, but he doesn't shoot on Sundays. I, however, do so if Baby feels the same way when she's sober, she'll be coming over here to shoot her first porn scene at my place. Keep your fingers crossed for her.


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