A Video Interview With Me

This is from a while ago, but I wanted to post it on here. This is an interview I did with Julie Meadows. I loved this interview because I got a chance to talk as myself, to speak seriously about my experiences and my life.


Three more parts after the jump.





  1. I love this interview it kinda give you and insight to Lily Cade. Its made me smile especially the story about her coming out to her parents and gran parents

  2. I also really like this interview. Getting that little insight is rather priceless, I think. I completely love the sense of humor. The description of the costume and intro in the last part made me crack up. It was refreshing to find that I’m not the only person that finds a lot of the porn introductions silly.

    On a related note, “I have a nice car” has become a cue for sex between my girlfriend and me, since that was the last line of the intro in the first Lily Cade video we saw.

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